Monday 20 August 2012

Just Like Google Plus Hangouts: How to make a Mini Player HOA Wall using Blogger

From the Google Plus Home Page, you can visit the Hangouts Page where you will often see up to ten mini players.

We can recreate this look very easily at Blogger using as many mini players as we need. Here's an example with four.

In this post, I have a column width of 580 pixels, so each player is 267 x 150.

Video 1 left
Video 2 right

Video 3 left
Video 4 right


  1. Hey, Mike - love the idea of the customisable HOA Wall, but I'm missing the 'How-to' explanation referred to in the post title. Is it self-evident?

    1. The 'How to' part is in the HTML coding.. I can paste it here, but in Chrome, right click 'View Source' and you will see the code page .. You can also Inspect Element .. which opens an editor ..

  2. Thanks, a very good idea. Having the Pixel dimensions saved me lots of work.


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