Saturday 26 November 2011

Crime Prevention Christmas Menu 14 Tips for the Holiday Season..

Thanks to WDC for including this handy sheet in Behind the Scenes Dec 2011

To enlarge, read and learn - click the image..

Thursday 24 November 2011

A Northern Ireland Police Water Cannon was on display at the Emergency Services Show 2011 in Stoneleigh, UK

This could be some topical footage. It shows The Police Service of Northern Ireland demonstrating a Water Cannon on the UK Mainland for the very first time. 

The Government resisted it's use in the Summer Riots. This vehicle is one of six used in Northern Ireland. Watch out for the crowd soaking.

Press Release from the show organisers below the video.

Tuesday 22 November 2011

Emergency Services Show 2011 at Stoneleigh

I will be attending the Emergency Services Show 2011 tomorrow at Stoneleigh Park, nr Coventry UK.

It will be a great chance to meet people passionate about Social Media. Here is Last Year's show. My focus is clear, Real Time Communication with the Public. Way Cool if Google had a stand..

+Simon Shilton Fire and +Kerry Blakeman Police will be there too, so be sure to find us..

Johnston Press to relocate three Isle of Man titles

150 miles to Sheffield
I''m not from The Isle of Man but if I were, I'd want the ink drying on My News on My Island and not transferred to the shore. How can Home Grown News be printed 150 miles away?

The printing of Isle of Man Newspapers' three weekly titles is to be transferred to the United Kingdom, with the loss of up to seven staff. The news was announced this afternoon (Monday) by managing director Helen Byrne.

In a media statement she says the board has decided to transfer printing of the Isle of Man Examiner, the Manx Independent and the Courier to the Johnston Press print site in Dinnington, Sheffield. Source: Manx Radio

The BBC weigh in with this about the breaking Isle of Man Printing Press Closure. Editor Richard Butt said, Content would continue to be produced by staff on the island under the new plans and it would then be emailed to Dinnington (in Sheffield). Hold the Phone What? Can email travel across water then?

This comes at a time when Johnston Press been involved on many other issues including strikes in Yorkshire and closure of offices.

Dinnington to Douglas will take five hours (road and ferry) and the population of the Isle of Man is 80,085.

Monday 21 November 2011

Kenilworth Community Forum Monday 5th Dec 2011 Upper School Hall

Monday 5th December 2011 at Kenilworth School, upper school hall, Leyes Lane, Kenilworth. CV8 2DA The Community Forum drop-in is open from 6.30pm, with a start time of 7pm. Behind the Scenes Dec 2011

Safe in your community? Come and hear what we’re doing to help keep Kenilworth safe. Share your ideas and concerns .Get involved in your community!

Agenda: Parking issues in Winn Close, Grant application from Crow watch, Safer Community (Young People and Youth Work, Graffiti), Library, Public Service Centre, Connect 2 and the Police Update. 

We look forward to welcoming you. If you would like to suggest an issue for a future Community Forum meeting, or get involved, please contact the Warwick District Community Partnership Team on 01926 456102 or email Community Forum Kenilworth

Warwickshire Libraries: How many hours is each library is to Open

Kenilworth Library Opening Hours
Here's what you need to know. Visit Warwickshire Libraries Online to complete a survey. There are 16 libraries to choose. For Example, Kenilworth has two Options A or B. There is a third Option C (no preference) and a blank box for comments.

To have our library in Kenilworth close at 1.00pm every Saturday and be Closed on a Sunday is unexplainable. Children, Students and even Adults have free time at the weekends.

Sunday 20 November 2011

Sarah Hill from KOMU on Journalism Education at MediaTwits#28 Media Shift

This interview from Sarah Hill tells us much about the changing world of Journalism in the Digital Age. Listen and see which parts apply to Kenilworth and Warwickshire. No prizes for saying, all of it.

Local is now Global and everything is on our digital doorstep. Larger SoundCloud Player. Note: the player below is built in html5.

Saturday 19 November 2011

Coventry v West Ham LIVE Video and Tweets from CI Kerry Blakeman West Midlands Police

With 6,000 fans expected in Coventry today from West Ham, once again Kerry Blakeman is giving LIVE Video Updates.

This player will up date as the broadcasts come in.

I know what you're thinking, why doesn't Kerry just broadcast the whole game live. Somehow, I think that's not allowed..

Thursday 17 November 2011

Computers and Adult Learning: Surely we could do more for those who need it most?

The Kenilworth Centre
Although this is national news, places like The Kenilworth Centre have recognised the need to stay ahead of the digital revolution

If this data were applied directly to Kenilworth, it would mean 3,576* people have never logged on to the internet.

With the libraries closing earlier and schools closed in the holidays - how are those adults going to get online? I put this question to Martha Lane Fox on 12 July 2010 at Downing Street.
Martha agreed, saying we have 500,000 computers in schools locked up every night and school holidays.

For people like us, it's almost alien to think there are those who have never logged on. That's 16.8 per cent of the adult population (in the UK).

The Kenilworth Weekly News: Print Digital Balance

When Digital met Print. The curious case of an ex Microsoft BBC iPlayer guy joining Johnston Press to help them find a solution.

Ashley Highfield said, ..the brands of the local newspapers are incredibly strong in local communities...the trick is to help move those brands into the digital age.'

On a local level, we have five JP Print Editions. Weekly price rose to 55p Jan 11 and 60p two weeks ago with circulation down average 6% across those five titles [ABC Certificates]

g+ Post: Data Visualisation for fun: The Seasons

Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall ..all you gotta do is:

g+ Post: Visualizing people's innermost thoughts

This is a blast from the data past (2009). Visualizing people's innermost thoughts?

And the LIVE Version:

Search within g+ now has a video

Emphasis seems to be on what people are saying as opposed to a web search. Although from g+ search, Sparks is still active.

Tuesday 15 November 2011

Hangouts: How to Guide for U News Co Hosts from Sarah Hill

Sarah Hill at KOMU TV and the U News Hangout CoHosts recorded this How to Video Guide. KOMU public hangouts are being LIVE Streamed from 4pm GMT every weekday. If you are new to g+ and hangouts and want to know more, get in touch.

Sarah wrote: Check out this "Hangout How to" Guide for U_News. We figured this would be far more interesting than a google doc with a bunch of rules. Kind of a trip down memory lane. Thanks again for continuing to co-host with us! :-)

Monday 14 November 2011

Operation Blade in is Progress in Coventry with Monty

CI Kerry Blakeman recorded this video clip earlier of Operation Blade in Coventry. The message is very simple: 

Carry a Knife, expect to go to Prison.

For more about Monty:

Police dog Monty teaches pupils to behave on the bus

How to Search any Site Using the Chrome Browser

I use Google's Chrome Browser, it's fast and works brilliantly with g+.

Here's how to search a specific site (like - just press TAB.

CLICK in address bar (to place cursor there), press Space Bar and then TAB..type your search.

This site has a few thousand pages, find what you are looking for with this search.

Slide above shows before, during and the site results window.

And the slide on the right is how this post appears at g+

Sunday 13 November 2011

All Public Google Plus Posts are Now Included at whatsinKenilworth

logo by
For the last few months, I've been involved with Google Plus. All the public posts I've made are now cross posted here at whatsinKenilworth. To find them, look for g+ or google plus in the contents.

This will allow everyone to see what Googlers (Google Employees) look like and what content I've been sharing at g+. There are a many tips and basics now included to help people learn. 

What's in Kenilworth cannot be the same again as the Media World has changed with with technology and new platforms. Live video using Bambuser has also had a dramatic effect. 

Anyone can create great content and be a real part of the Community thanks to all the tools you see at this site. 

Saturday 5 November 2011

West Midlands Fire Service Training Exercise from Oldbury

Hangout Video Screen
Here are the still shots from the +Neil Griffiths Fire Service Training Exercise this morning. Video from +Lord Miles Parker coming later. The Officers were told there had been a gas leak in a building that contained workmen. There were five teams in operation.

We believe this is the first time a UK Fire Service event had been streamed using hangouts and Bambuser in this way. Look out for the thermal images.

Neil Griffiths Bambuser [ 5 Broadcasts ]

Friday 4 November 2011

LIVE Bonfire Night from Simon Shilton and Kerry Blakeman 6-10pm Today

Simon Shilton and Kerry Blakeman
Today, Friday 4th November 2011 between 6pm and 10pm you can follow the Police and Fire Service on patrol in Coventry.

Fire Commander Simon Shilton and Chief Inspector Kerry Blakeman we will use Bambuser to bring you LIVE Video updates from real incidents around the city on what we expect to be a busy night.

Thursday 3 November 2011

g+ Katherine Gramann from Google

Screenshot from a Google hangout with Extras
This a g+ post made after a hangout with Katherine Gramann who is a Google Employee based in Mountain View, California.

As a Community Manager, Katherine liaises with users (like me) to see how the hangout experience can be improved.  Daria Musk is also in the hangout.

Mike Downes - Nov 3, 2011 - Public
+Katherine Gramann How about this one? Thanks for all the questions and listening earlier..

More photos from Mike Downes  +4  Katherine Gramann - Hahaha! better, but I think you only took screenshots of frowns.

g+ Three Guitars and a Tractor

 -  Nov 3, 2011  - 
YouTube Playlist
 -  Public
This is way too cool for a machine - I swear there is a guy in there.. – A Texas Swing band has an old tractor for a drummer.

5 shares - Andy P, Gary Green, Paul Gagne, Scott Elliott, and Steve Berry 
Tony Schwartz - /claps eXciTeDly, Nov 4, 2011

g+ YouTube Mini Player

Mike Downes - Nov 3, 2011 - Public

Try this YouTube Button for size. Find it on the right..

More photos from Mike Downes

12 shares - Antonio Francisco de Souza, Ben Smith, Brad Panovich, David Smyth, Graham Gordon and 7 more

Wednesday 2 November 2011

g+ Yellow Pages and QR Codes

 -  Nov 2, 2011  -  Public
When a company cares only about itself is when their customers go elsewhere. Spot the QR Code on the cover and the inside (for the app) - but not in ONE customer advertisement.

If I were running Yellow Pages every ad (with a website) should have a QR Code.

g+ How to Send a Message

 -  Nov 2, 2011  -  Public

This is way too easy, click Send a Message and you have a one:one without deleting all the Circles, Extended Circles, Public stuff. Example slide shows +Erika Stahoski and her pet camel.

g+ Blogger Slideshow

 -  Nov 2, 2011  -  Public
This is what I like.. finding answers in seconds.. Thanks +Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai
Follow @mybloggertricks. My Blogger Tricks. Home; Blogger Tricks; Templates; Widgets; Tools. Encode HTML Characters; Count Characters; HTML Editor; Meta Tag Generator; Color Code Generator; Color Char...

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