Thursday 27 June 2013

UK Police on Social Media June 2013: #WMPLIVE at YouTube with West Midlands Police

Photo Credit West Midlands Police
Here's the June 2013 UK Police on Social Media post.  We have three charts for twitter, facebook and YouTube.

In video, there have been some changes at YouTube which now allow anyone with over 1,000 subscribers to have a LIVE Events Channel. So far, three UK forces are eligible: Greater Manchester, Metropolitan and West Midlands Police.

Friday 14 June 2013

Campaign for Links In Reporting CLIR - The Writer should do the hard work so the Reader does not have to

From all the Hangouts I've been in, nothing has been said more than, Where's the Link?

This extends to Harvard referencing and any student doing their Homework.

Yet, if you're a Reporter you still get away with it. And no, I'm not the first person to flag this issue and ask for some improvements.

Wednesday 5 June 2013

The New Youtube One Channel by Andrew Stinger, Video and Slides

Slide 4 from the video
Edit: This post was made 1 April 2013, but takes effect worldwide today 5 June 2013.

A few days ago, +Andrew Stinger gave a talk LIVE at Youtube on the new One Channel.

I would mark this as essential viewing for everyone. And by that, I mean watch all 58 mins, do not skip, do not think you know it - because you don't.

It's very rare for a development like this. I have two and a half pages of scribbled notes.

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