Thursday 24 September 2015

Why do people use Audacity? And thanks to those 200,000 views..

From the three Audacity Help Videos I've made, they've just passed 200,000 YouTube views (as Jan 2020).

edit 9 Feb 16 - this post was made 24 Sep 15 as 50,000 views, changed to 70,000 views now..

All three were called How to Clean Audacity, and took me just minutes to make. I've lost count of all the people who've said Thank You.

The one genuine question I have: What do people need clean audio for?

Saturday 19 September 2015

How to Live Steam Mobile Games to YouTube

slide shows OBS overlayed on live stream -
this is a collage, not a real feed
It's SO EASY to Live Stream Android or iOS Mobile Games to YouTube.

Of course there's a suggestion Gaming YouTube will make that easier. It's expected an App update will be available soon (the verge, 16 sep 15).

Thursday 10 September 2015

How to make One Live Streaming YouTube Page complete with Twitter feed and Never Change It

This works brilliantly and is SO easy to do.

You'll need just two things:

1, A live streaming account

2, A twitter account. That's it.

With HALF of youtube views on Mobile why waste bandwidth go 240p

With HALF of youtube views on Mobile Devices, why waste bandwidth on a 720p HD Live Stream when the job can be done with 424 x 240p with NO loss in message? That's what this test is all about. Single user video, one image (top left) and a few text labels - message delivered every time..  

If you are broadcast a SINGLE video user - I would NOT use Hangouts at all - Use Go Live at: live_dashboard and OBS

Live Streaming multi video users and shared screens

This video shows how easy it is to stream multiple video users to YouTube using OBS and shared screens. 

OBS will allow capture of any video call source (like, etc), we can then setup a Scene (like a few google slide show or a Doc) and Go Live.

Wednesday 9 September 2015

UK Police on Twitter up 69% What will come next - Live Social Video?

data set
UK Police official accounts have been on Twitter since 2009/10 (with West Midlands signing up 15 Dec 2008).

This post looks at twitter followers from Aug 2013 to Aug 2015 and how there's been a 69% follower increase in the past year.

So what happens next? Are the Police and the Public content with text, images and links or could there be more?

Friday 4 September 2015

The Mike Downes Instagram Page

Edit 18 April 2016 -New trailer video for the Laptop show

Also been sharing some Zoom H1 Mic photos, so take a look at the Zoom H1 Collection if you like ..

Update 11 Jan 2016 - Find my Google Local Guide Photos at Maps Contributions.

I've been using a Vivitar 786HD Action Camera - as it has a 120 degree wide lens, I get some cool shots - hope you like them.

4 sep 2015 update - I rarely use Instagram, but when I do it's to say something like this: Instagram no longer a Square: new Photo Aspect Ratios 

If you're reading this, chances are you arrived here from my Instagram account - the only allowed URL from my profile.

And no surprises - instagram is an used used and lesser service for me.

I've made this page to help make sense of the beauty and makeup artists I follow at Instagram.

In particular on how some Instagram users are found on other platforms like YouTube and Twitter.

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