Thursday 31 May 2012

Live from the News - The Romance or The Reality only you can Decide

LIVE from the NEWS™
Here's a project called +LIVE from the NEWS™ where we make sense of the Blurring between What is News, Who makes it and the Audience who cope with it .. 

Thanks to Porthgwidden Beach, Cornwall, UK for the photo .. 1940s on the left, more recent on the right .. Which do you prefer: The Romance or The Reality only you can Decide .. The same applies to the News doesn't it ? 

Take this from wikipedia where the word blurred is used in every step: 

Schudson has identified the following six specific areas where the ecology of news in his opinion has changed: 

1. The line between the reader and writer has blurred 
2. The distinction among tweet, blog post, newspaper story, magazine article, and book has blurred 
3. The line between professionals and amateurs has blurred, and a variety of “pro-am” relationships has emerged 
4. The boundaries delineating for-profit, public, and non-profit media have blurred, and the cooperation across these models of financing has developed 
5. Within commercial news organizations, the line between the news room and the business office has blurred 
6. The line between old media and new media has blurred, practically beyond recognition

These alterations inevitably has fundamental ramifications for the contemporary ecology of news. “The boundaries of journalism, which just a few years ago seemed relatively clear, and permanent, have become less distinct, and this blurring, while potentially the foundation of progress even as it is the source of risk, has given rise to a new set of journalistic principles and practices”,[17] Schudson puts it. It is indeed complex, but it seems to be the future.

Saturday 26 May 2012

Thyroid Surgery comes LIVE to the Hangout courtesy of Hermine Ngnomire which paves the way for many more events from the OR

Photo from g+ post shared over 220 times

On Wednesday 16 May 2012, Hangouts with the help of +Hermine Ngnomire took a step forward in the Operating Room. What you will see circled is a Logitech C910 Webcam mounted on a medical stand and two laptops streaming to the hangout a Thyroidectomy procedure.

Dr +Gary Levin was in the hangout to share his medical expertise from San Antonia, Texas also pictured are +Dan McDermott +M Monica and +Mike Downes

As Gary Levin writes, This show seems to have attracted a lot of interest, there will be more soon. Some of the surgeries will include open heart surgery, a brain surgery, ocular surgery, a lung transplant. The upcoming schedule will be on +Digital Health Space. The goal of these broadcasts is to educate and give patients more exposure to hospital environments. The patient asked me to tell you to have your thyroid checked regularly.

Here is the 81 minute video. Watch out for the Thyroid removal at 1 hour 9 minutes with a handshake between the Surgeons. There is a slideshow of twenty two photos that were snapped during the live show.

Newborn Baby says Hi to the Sarah Hill Show
There has been a phenomenal amount written about this event as it takes a once unseen area of our lives into the public or private eye. Holding a Hangout from the delivery room would be wonderful for any family to see the latest newborn addition. It was fantastic to see this last night on the Sarah Hill Show where a proud father showed his baby to the world.

Sarah writes, Coolest Hangout Moment Ever .. Minutes before today's Noon newscast, +Thomas Deliduka joined my Hangout to report he had "breaking news". Thomas was in a hospital room... he panned the camera down to reveal his newborn daughter! Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Deliduka. Thanks for letting us share in your joy of child #8!

HELPING TO BRING ATTENTION TO THYROID CONDITIONS: Recommending to Check Your Thyroid Levels Yearly During Annual Exam or Every Mid-May!!! Terive Duperior, M.D., F.A.C.S with Anesthesiologist and amazing surgical team at Methodist Specialty and Transplant Hospital in San Antonio, TX complete a full thyroidectomy utilizing the world's most innovative technology: A Google+ Hangout. Surgeon Gary Levin provides medical perspective while while hosts Dan McDermott, Mike Downes and participants M Monica and Jason Salas offer background. News anchors from various affiliates world-wide stop by to lend support, insight and guidance.

Saturday 12 May 2012

The Essex Young Farmers Show 2012 Coverage Starts Now for Sunday 20th May 2012

The Essex Young Farmers Show 2012
Next Sunday 20 May 2012, I return to my home county for The Essex Young Farmers Show .. I'm in the planning stage for the media coverage of Camel Racing, Monster Trucks and Livestock .. So, what would you like to see come your way in a LIVE Hangout On Air ?

Advance intel from the field suggests no landlines so no wifi .. that will not stop us .. I'm looking at an On Air prior to the show .. an On Air during the show and HD videos and DSLR photography .. Check the website now..

Wednesday 9 May 2012

What are People Searching for? Hangout On Air versus Hangouts On Air

Here's a look at What Google Insights can show us about Hangouts On Air. We can see that web interest has really started to grow in the last few weeks.

Tuesday 8 May 2012

Broadcast to the World as Google Plus rolls out Hangouts On Air Worldwide

Chee Chew made a post at Google Plus yesterday (Monday 7 May 2012) at 2.19 pm UK time. It said, We've launched Hangouts On Air worldwide! .. go nuts. :) Viv Gundotra followed that four minutes later with Broadcast your Hangout to the World!

For me, the best quote from a Googler came from Katherine Gramann who postedenjoy!! ...and don't forget you're broadcasting publicly, so mind your manners;)

Eight minutes earlier at 2.11 pm, Chee posted to the Official Google Blog which in my mind is one of the most important posts in Google history as it details how anyone, for free, can broadcast not just one, but ten videos LIVE at Google+ and LIVE to YouTube. This post gave eight videos and tons of links.

Not everyone was happy as the world is a big place and it takes time to organise each country.

Google produced a Country Guide to Hangouts On Air Availability and links to Learn More.

I was delighted to see so many people I know featured in a Google+: Broadcast Your Hangout To The World video. Google Plus was opened on the 28 June 2011 as invite only with it going public on 20 September 2011. Many of these people I've know for over nine months: +Hermine Ngnomire +pio dal cin +Daria Musk +Larry Fournillier +M Monica+Maria Quiban and +DeAno Jackson.

Over the next few hours, many people who were fortunate enough to have early access started broadcasting for the very first time. 

What's special is the ability for these LIVE streams to be watched in many places like at Google+, YouTube and shared via Twitter, facebook and where ever you can find the link. Which is on PCs, laptops, most mobiles and many tablets. Just look out for the hashtag #hangoutsonair

What I find puzzling is the UK Media. Britain is one of the most developed countries in the world. Yet for some reason, Google Plus (and the +1) button are irrelevant.

Here's an example from the BBC where 24 hours on and news that everyone will have the ability to broadcast LIVE (for free) has been unreported.

Even The Guardian have passed it by. have a look yourself .. and yes a Google News Search is far the best way.

Want to know more.. Come and find me at Google Plus as +Mike Downes and on YouTube: themikedownespage

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