Sunday 30 October 2011

g+ Code Breakers

 -  Oct 30, 2011  -  Public
Must share this as simple paper n pencil Maths at work [read simple as freakinly mind breakingly hard. ]

Documentary revealing how two men hacked into Hitler's personal super-code machine.

Time Lapse Kenilworth Bridge Installation from Sustrans

This was uploaded a few days ago by Sustrans. I think there was a camera mounted on a long pole atop a van - guess these are the images.

Friday 28 October 2011

g+ Photo Update

 -  Oct 28, 2011  -  Public
For me, I'm bypassing What's Hot and Ripples and sharing this instead.. [ ] – The Google+ Creative Kit is a fast and friendly way to make powerful edits to your photos.

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Oct 28, 2011   
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Oct 28, 2011    

Thursday 27 October 2011

g+ KOMU Emmys

 -  Oct 27, 2011  -  Public
Always a pleasure reading something like this, especially as Community Engagement ..
The station won awards in four different categories, for photography, community service, video editing and historical and cultural coverage.
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Wednesday 26 October 2011

g+ Hangout Test at Youth Centre

 -  Oct 26, 2011  -  Public
Testing hangouts from this afternoon, prior to Sat 29 October 2011 Open Day 2-6pm - drop in to see yourself on the big screen..

Tuesday 25 October 2011

The Kenilworth Centre - Here's the Recording Studio: Try it out at the Open Day

For those who have not seen it, come along on Saturday 29 Oct 2-6pm where you can see this studio for yourself, record a song or get involved in all the other activities at The Kenilworth Centre.

Monday 24 October 2011

Kenilworth Town Council provides long term financial backing for the takeover of the Kenilworth Youth and Community Centre

At the Kenilworth Town Council meeting on Thursday 20 October there was unanimous support by Councillors for the Town Council to provide funding of between £30 - 40k per year for the next three years to The Kenilworth Centre, a new charity, which is in negotiation with Warwickshire County Council to take over the running of the centre, and provide youth activities in Kenilworth. 

Councillor Norman Vincett, leader of Kenilworth Town Council, said, 'We see youth activities, and the community centre, as key to our community and the Council felt that it was essential that we should provide this financial support to ensure that the transfer to a Kenilworth based charity happens.'

Sunday 23 October 2011

g+ YouTube Movie Rentals

 -  Oct 23, 2011  -  Public
Online Movie Rentals Has anyone used this service yet from YouTube? And if so, will it see the end of our friendly neighbourhood DVD rental shop?

For the record, I've used LoveFilm and cancelled it a few days in as found the website clunky, ill loading and that was before I even sat through a poor quality film. The BBC iPlayer is great, but rarely gives any mainstream movies.
YouTube has launched its own movie rental service featuring over a thousand feature films for users in the UK. Among the blockbuster titles featured are British classics like Monty Python’s The Meanin...
3 shares  -  David D. Stanton, Emma Ogilvy, and Karen Mercer
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M Monica  -  I'm interested. I have not used it yet though.
Oct 23, 2011   
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Philip John  -  Whenever I try to get to the Android app I'm told its not there! I see news about it but Google won't let me see it! Frustrating...
Oct 23, 2011   
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Oct 24, 2011   
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Oct 24, 2011   
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Myko Clelland  -  I can't find any reference to the quality of the videos anywhere - anyone able to help me out?
Oct 25, 2011   
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jane cerva  -  Um, you still have a friendly neighborhood DVD rental shop?
Oct 25, 2011   
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tony brookes  -  I find Blockbuster sending me DVD's each month to be a good deal. The stores are fine but you have far more scope to find the films you need at the online site. I had Lovefilm before but the choice and after-sales are best forgotten
Oct 25, 2011    

g+ Skate Park

 -  Oct 23, 2011  -  Public
On a local level, Kenilworth has a Skate Park with new flood lights. What's inspiring - it was all made possible by the young people to organise, promote and liaise with the local authority - Well Done. – Light are now fitted and for £1 and hour everyone can skate until 9.30pm

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Jim Marsh  -  Good on those kids. Could we borrow a few for Kiddermister?
Oct 23, 2011   
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Gary Tivey  -  We have a skateboard park close-by . Seems to be a good spot for the younger crowd to hang out, and share some healthy activities. They are also into photography and multimedia which also helps their creativity. 'Skateboarding is not a Crime'
Thanks +Mike Downes
Oct 23, 2011 (edited)    

g+ Karen Mercer

 -  Oct 23, 2011 (edited)  - 
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Jan Hennings  -  Would love to join but I'm so busy, sorry.
Oct 23, 2011    

g+ hangout 14

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Saturday 22 October 2011

g+ Occupy Finsbury St Pauls

New to Occupy London, then find your way around with some aerial shots.

A is St Pauls where B is Finsbury Square. At 6.11pm the BBC publish Where would we be without Earth.. Directions:
1 share  -  Alex Ramón Fernández
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guirong zhou  -  Well, IMO while this movement voices some rightful concerns about capitalism, it may lack a clear guideline for change. Something along the lines of "financial justice"?

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