Tuesday 10 September 2013

Martha Payne and the Story of Neverseconds: Take Two with new google+ embed code

On Sunday 17 June 2012, I made a post at this blog making sense and telling the story of Martha Payne and #neverseconds: (Martha Payne and the Story of Neverseconds: What I posted at Google Plus: Well Done Martha, You're a Star).

There were 14 Google+ posts which were copy and pasted into this blog. Yesterday, Google+ launched the ability to embed a g+ post into this blog.

Monday 2 September 2013

BBC News at Google+ The last 100 posts: +1s, Shares and Comments

+BBC News at +Google+  have 2,637,261 people who have them in Circles.

They also have 3,395,109 users who have +1ed their page.

I've taken a look at the last 100 posts detailing +1s, Shares and Comments.

Popular Posts - last 7 days

Popular Posts - last 30 days


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