Friday 28 August 2015

Theories on Live Video and Chat - Private Public with

10 Sep 2015 update - all of what I've said here is valid, but you may like to know I've moved on to look at how YouTube have made it very easy to live stream.

And as YouTube has a billion users, my theory: make life easy for yourself. In other words, a youtube player will open everywhere on the web (unlike some emerging platforms and URLs).

For the next step, I'm looking at how you can curate a multi user video feed, some images and text, along with any shared screens to make an experience your very own (see the Live Streaming label at this site).

28 Aug 2015 as follows ..

Tuesday 25 August 2015 live video & chat for Police, Fire and Law Enforcement

screen shot from the live session is a new live video chat service logged in via Twitter. It's very easy to use and requires virtually no setup.

Edit 25 Aug 12 noon - last night saw a panel discussion lead by Kerry Blakeman with Lauri Stevens as Talking Police/Law Enforcement Social Media @lawscomm (link opens in a new window 47 mins).

Tuesday 18 August 2015

Social Video using webRTC and what's Google got to do with it?

read this slide then read it again .. thank you
Gossip Myth Science Engineering - I wonder how long I can get through this post without sending people to uncontrollable sleep?

So I joined eleven days ago and there were two types of people in there - those jumping happy periscopers who were broadcasting alone and have now found face to face video friends and the noisy bunch of google hangout bashers.

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