Saturday 13 April 2013

Kenilworth Castle on Google Street View Much to see Much to Learn about our Heritage in the last Thousand Years

UPDATE: Two Castles Run 9 June 2013

I'm delighted you can see the splendour of Kenilworth Castle in the glory of Street View.

The tour starts at the car park, past the ticket office, down the Causeway and onto Mortimer's Tower.

What's super valuable is the tour round the Curtain Wall which was once the site of the Great Mere.

Kenilworth Castle, Warwickshire, England, UK is the lead image I use in all Mike Downes Media. For me, it represents the last one thousand years and how far we have come.

One of the questions I always ask myself, What would the medieval people have done (with Media)? How did it work back then? What can we learn from them and apply today? You don't need to be Robin Hood to figure out how some people think they have all the power and the peasants have none. 

This blog's readership is far and wide. Nine nine percent of the visitors to whatsinKenilworth will nevet visit the Castle, but thank you Google for making it available in this way. 

Links: Kenilworth Castle at: Wikipedia .. English Heritage and this site (with footpaths).
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