Tuesday 28 January 2014

UK #photosphere Study Post 1: The Natural History Museum, London

I'm curious to know of the many photosheres that are live on Google Maps.

Which are the ones getting the views and are they simply the ones that are closest to the road?

You can drag Pegman on any Google Map and see blue dots for photosheres.

On the dedicated Maps Views, a photoshere is shown as a red dot.

I have 40 images live on maps which are single 360 degree shots and a few that are linked called constellations. So far, I have 2,852 views with highest being just 217. My theory is really simple, Do the most views views come from a Google Map search.

What's curious, on clicking through to new maps, there are no photospheres on the View Imagery bar (usually there are many).

The slide above shows The Natural History Museum in London. There are 15 photosheres from a few
3 dots increase to 5 when zoomed in
photographers. The number show the views, with 6,423 being the highest (115 the lowest).

The shot closest to the main entrance (and the road) is the highest by far. Arguably, it not that high quality, that interesting or even located the the right geographically located correct place. I've embedded the shot with 1,377 views as it looks so good.

You may also notice there are 3 dots, but zooming in that increases to 5 - worth mentioning as scanning a map zoomed in very close is harder to navigate.

Perhaps, the shot with the most views was there first? Is it fair an image is labelled near the main entrance, but really it's way inside near the Darwin Statue? (There is always a Report a Problem button, at this stage I'm leaving this image alone for the sake of this blog post).

For more on creating a photosphere visit My Google+ Stream, visit the Support Page or follow Google's +Evan Rapoport - he posts stuff like the monkeys.

The only way to know for sure, keep looking at the data - I will have a look at The British Museum next .. There seem to be at least 50 red dots to count! The regular Google Map view already shows photospheres in the view imagery bar.

To repeat, we have the regular www.google.com/maps/preview/place and the new dedicated photosphere site as www.google.com/maps/views/explore


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