Sunday 12 October 2014

The X Factor 2014 Live Show 1 - YouTube views versus public voting, any correlation?

Sunday at 6pm
This article is a cross post from my widescreen blog: (this blog is 580 column width, where the other is 886 wide).

I wonder if there's any correlation between the sixteen acts songs views on YouTube and the public vote?

I've passed by twice today - 10.27am and 11.58am. I will keep charting for the next few hours.

I may add some google trends data too - and anything else that may be relevant.
Sunday at Noon

If YouTube views do prove an indicator, then let's hope it doesn't take the fun factor and enjoyment from the show.

On clicking to watch on YouTube, a good thumbnail is important -- sorry Jake, but X Factor have not customised a good image for you - I have no idea if that is a direct result of the your view count.

1.38pm update
My simple data sheet is here, upon which I will update every 90 mins throughout the day.

Links: google search #xfactor .. twitter #xfactor .. Official YouTube as below.

There are now four Google Trends sheets, I've used Chloe as a benchmark in each: Set one, Set two, Set three, Set four.

Mon 13 Oct at 10.38am

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