Tuesday 16 June 2015

The Metropolitan and City Police Live Event Page

There are eighty police posts on this blog since Jan 2011 (search label police).

Most of the posts are about how the Police use Social Media to engage with the community they serve. And as public safety, policing and time never stop - a new and exciting opportunity with Policing London has emerged.

Thanks to MPSKingston, MPSHavering and MPSIslinglton with their Live coverage, it's with enthusiasm I create this page.

Here are the thirty two official MPS Borough twitter accounts, with MetPoliceUK and City Police in one live feed. I enclose the City Police as although not part of the Met, they are very much surrounded by seven MPS boroughs).

Every tweet in itself is a live event - the issue comes when no one has any idea if a tweet is on it's own or part of a series. Until now that is..

As an example, take a look at the wonderful #MPSKingstonLive on 24 April 2015 where there were 39 logged calls. What's even better, make your calendars for Friday 26th June 2015 for another event from 11am to 11pm (2 June tweet).

Today, 16 June 2015 is #MPSHaveringLive 10am to 6pm. With #MPSIslingtonLive Friday 19 June 2015 2pm to Midnight. A previous event was on 23 April 2015.

As you can imagine, keeping track of all the action could be an issue - that's where this resource page comes in. I've embedded a live feed of all the main accounts and will add each hashtag as I find them.

As a general rule, it's #MPS******Live where you add a borough name (ref tweet to me). many thanks to all at MPS for their help and @MPSHaroldWood Charlie Routley for a fast reply today. And for PC Sebastian Ellis from @MPSKingston for some excellent information and live videos.

My humble part in this, to collate public information and act as a real world educator. Social Media can be fast and effective, it can be wonderful and hideous, all inside the same few minutes. 

With realtime tweets as the new post it note and live video being so easy to broadcast - it's no wonder that the police are engaging in this way. Remember, it's about people, attitudes and cultures - not the tech or the mobile -- that's just the tool that connects us..   

refs with long URLs so you know where you are going:
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metropolitan_Police_Service Population 7.4 million in 609 sq miles
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/City_of_London_Police 7,400 residents with 300,000 daily commuters in 1.1 sq miles

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