Wednesday 12 October 2016

The Police Tweet Awards 2016 Quiz Page

Following on from The Police Tweet Awards 2016 Resource Page (9 Oct 16), here's one of the next ideas mentioned, namely - A Quiz.

I've used Google forms to make a ten question Quiz. This one is a test to see how well it's received. There is a mixture of fun and serious questions. What Google have done, is make it very easy to create and take the self marking multiple choice quiz.

Anyone can easily create something like this and it views brilliant on desktop or mobile (Forms Quiz Support Page). I have asked for NO email address or information from those completing the form, so it's totally safe.

Take a look and as a work in progress, feedback greatly received. Tweet or email me. Google Forms can be used for pretty much anything, like Contact Info, RSVPs, Surveys, Party Invites, Educational Worksheets and Assessments, Event Registration and even Job Applications, get started now.

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