Wednesday 9 August 2017

Sounds of the Countryside while Walking

On taking a short walk on a country path through woodland, there are so many choices driven by your senses. What do you photograph or video at the time or write about later?

One option, just relax and see where the moment takes you. While out yesterday, I had nothing in mind, albeit to be 'out' in the first place. That's often the hardest step to take.

All I really wanted, to walk and see things for the first time. The Woodland in August is so different than any other time - that said, I could easily say the same about every month or season of any year.

Without really thinking my mobile came out the pocket being drawn by the Hornbeam Catkins. That was the first of seventy six photos, four audio recordings, three videos and one photosphere.

They had moved the stile, to be more exact - it had disappeared. Styles are quite iconic on a walk, they signal the end of one thing and the beginning of the next. To be fair, I know this path is on a pony route, so fair enough.

Next were the toadstools, four were sat in a row. Nine photos later then two trees.

What caught my attention, the farm machinery in the next field - something I could not see. That's what made me start recording the audio. How the tractor, the farmer's voices were all intermixed with the wind in the trees and the bird song. There were discussions on how best to attach the pickup reel to the tow mechanism.

0:00 Audio One 1:36 Audio Two
2:49 Audio Three and 3:58 Audio 4

In the video I made, you will hear four audio sets, this slide will help tell them apart and look at the waveforms. Post edit was made in Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 13.0 on Win10. Audio recorded using Moto G4, then using Audacity to Normalise and Compressor (no noise reduction).

0:00 Audio One - Tractor, Birdsong
1:36 Audio Two - Light Aircraft, Wind in Trees
2:49 Audio Three - Strong Wind in Trees, high level aircraft
3:58 Audio 4 - More high level aircraft, squeak of trees in wind

Listen here..


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