Monday 25 April 2011

Insightful Twitter use from West Midlands Police - All in a day's work..

Kerry Blakeman is on the right
Kerry Blakeman is the Chief Inspector of West Midlands Police responsible for 18 dedicated neighbourhood teams and five response teams at the Coventry (LPU).

Tweets from Kerry show a diverse range. They show how influential a Chief Inspector can be with twitter.

Kerry's already a contributor to whatsiKenilworth where WM Police have been using Twitcam to engage with communities as well as Audioboo and the BBC

A great example of Kerry reaching parts that other tweeters cannot reach is this: @WMP_Helicopter if any of you guys have a smart phone any chance of pics from the sky? But not from the pilot! (24 April, 6.31pm). 

A few hours later from the clouds: Front seat observer: A number of responsibilities including navigation and camera operation. (24 April, 9.06pm).

Then: @WMP_Helicopter superb pic - great to see, I look forward to seeing some scenic views of the West Midlands from the air also (9.13pm). This was also linked with Wolverhampton from the air.

A Chief Inspector can tweet about well deserved news as well: Len Dacombe who served in the Blitz as a Special receives a certificate from the Chief Constable. I'm on the right (see photo top left) (14 Nov, 2.24pm).

Community engagement is excellent to see with tweets like this: Thank you to the #Sikh community of #Coventry for a cheque 4 £501 for the special constabulary memorial stone (24 April, 10.55pm)

And the magnificent simplicity of Kerry's tweets is how often you see what Kerry sees:  Parade now at Broad St, Pacing ourselves #samosaoverload (24 April, 12.23pm).

Kerry Blakeman as @kerryblakeman joined Twitter on 24 October 2009, has made 475 teets, follows 335 and has 544 followers. Great work - keep it up.

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