Thursday 28 April 2011

West Midlands Police Twitter Accounts - The Coventry Charts

WMP in Coventry on Twitter
If Warwickshire Police are to explode into the Twitter market, it's worth taking a look at the evidence from West Midlands Police (in Coventry). From their Social Network Links page, they list 23 twitter accounts (I know there are many more). 

On the left, we have the main five accounts. Inspector Alastair Orencas (@coventry_police) has been on twitter for 793 days, has made 1,627 tweets (average 2 a day) and has 1,054 followers. He is the pioneer.

What emerges is the need for Social Media like Twitter. Of the 23 accounts, they have an average of 236 followers. WMP Coventry have made 4,327 tweets. I prefer to use the term FMCC - a Fast Message to Contact their Community.

Each account has been open on average for 357 days. If Coventry has a population of 309,800, just imagine what Warwickshire can do with it's population of 535,100. One estimate could be (in a year from now), 40 twitter accounts, making 7,474 tweets (FMCC) and 9,384 followers. Come on Warwickshire.

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