Tuesday 10 May 2011

Kenilworth Town Council Election Results May 2011

KTC Contact list 2010
These are the election results for the Kenilworth Town Council 2011. From the Contact List in 2010, there are no Twitter accounts. Have a look at the names below, see who has been elected and let's get them all on Twitter.

I know of one person on the list who has a twitter account and it works well (unfair to name him today). Warwickshire Police are not alone in being drawn into the use of social media from now on. This is the first posting to include the Warwickshire Councillors Twitter Project #WCTP

This will include all County Councillors, District Councillors and Kenilworth Town Councillors. This comes at time when Coventry City Councillors have been banned from tweeting from the chamber and Warwickshire, once again - haven't even started. Come on Warwickshire

Abbey Ward
Michael Coker Con 1526
George Illingworth Con 1417
Kate Dickson Lib Dem 1386
Patrick Ryan Lib Dem 1339
John Cooke Con 1335
Susan McGowan Lib Dem 1241
Andy Garsed Con 1234
Rowena Hill Con 1227
(Vacant Seats 5)

Park Hill Ward
Dave Shilton Con 2036
Felicity Bunker Con 1898
Andrew Mobbs Con 1808
Shirley Shilton Con 1711
Michael Hitchins Con 1638
Mark Lewis Con 1631
Alison Tyler Lib Dem 1271
Mary Harrison Lib Dem 1228
Andrew Tulloch Lib Dem 1185
(Vacant Seats 6)

St John's Ward
Alan Cockburn Con 1712
Erica Davies Con 1677
Pauline Edwards Con 1629
Richard Davies Con 1614
John Dagg Con 1550
Norman Vincett Con 1546
Gillian Palmer Lib Dem 1167
Richard Dickson Lib Dem 1146
Ian fenwick Lib Dem 990
(Vacant Seats 6)

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