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WCC Library Report Part 02 - 11 Recommendations: Welcome to Google

Google Welcomes the Report
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In this post, we explore the opening sections of the report and extract anything that is important. I would like to call them highlights, but for library campaigners and library staff - lowlights may be a better word.

Contents of 326 pages: Agenda (pages 1-5: 5 pages), Libraries Report (pages 6-43: 38 Pages): LIBRARY REPORT (now at Google Docs) Note: page numbers (in this post) refer to the pdf document.

Page 6: Recommendations: 1. That this committee considers and comments upon the contents of the report which will be submitted to Cabinet which meets on 14 July 2011.

Page 10, Starts a 37 page Libraries Report. The cabinet recommendations are written at the start and at the end. Why do this? WCC may say to give the councillors a summary. Surely, it's read the report first and then think about the action

I am trying to think of a reasonable example where you are told to make a decision, before you hear the evidence. Is there one? Even in the many court room movies we've all watched, the prosecutor's says, 'He's guilty Your Honour!' and the defence always steps up, as quick as a flash, saying, 'He's innocent as the day he was born!' Debate for another day I'm sure.

Here are the 11 recommendations in full. When I post them here at wiK they will be Google searchable (bringing the information to the masses). Previously, they existed in a pdf document (public, but hidden from google). This is a big issue - it's a like going to a clothes shop and knowing they have socks in your size, but no one will help you look.

Recommendations in full (with yellow annotations from wiK) - That Cabinet:
1 Authorises the Strategic Director for Resources and the Head of Customer Service to implement arrangements to reduce the total opening hours of Atherstone, Coleshill, Bedworth, Nuneaton, Rugby, Leamington, Kenilworth, Lillington, Whitnash, Alcester, Shipston, Southam, Stratford and Wellesbourne libraries as set out in section 11 of this report subject to recommendations 3 and 4 below. Implementation to be as soon as possible and by 1 April 2012 at the latest.
2 Agrees that the pattern of opening hours at each of the libraries referred to in recommendation 1 will be determined following consultation with the public.
3 Agrees that wherever possible the services of volunteers should be used to increase the opening hours of the libraries referred to in recommendation 1 above the proposed minimum level set out in section 11 of the report.
4 Agrees that discussions should take place with Warwick District Council to implement integrated working at Kenilworth, Lillington and Whitnash and with Warwickshire Police regarding Coleshill, to seek to increase the opening hours above the proposed minimum level set out in Section 11 of the report.
5 Approves extending the deadline for finalisation of all community-run library bids to Friday 19 August 2011, with a further report being presented to Cabinet in October 2011.
6 Agrees that the Warwickshire Direct/library arrangements at Stockingford should be reviewed with a further report to Cabinet in October 2011.
7 Agrees that proposals for a reconfigured mobile service is presented to Cabinet in October 2011.
8 Agrees to reallocate £100,000 of capital funding in 2011/12 previously approved for One Stop Shop expansion to provide a capital fund available to communities wishing to set up community-run libraries.
9 Notes the financial impact of deferring decisions on the achievement of the savings plan and also note that over the three years of the overall Medium Term Financial Plan (MTFP) that £143,000 of savings has been double counted between Libraries and Physical Assets, which should lie with the property rationalisation programme. Cabinet should reiterate that the 2011/12 savings for these areas remain, or identify compensating savings elsewhere, whilst noting that the MTFP will need to be refreshed for 2012/13 onwards for the impact of any double counting of savings.
10 Agrees that the Book / Stock Fund should not be reduced any further.
11 Supports the consultation with staff and notes that staffing reductions will be implemented in accordance with the Council’s agreed policies.
Note: if some parts above are not highlighted, that's because I do not regard them as unimportant, it's just, I do not understand them and will read the report...

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