Sunday 10 July 2011

WCC Library Report Part 04: 210 Pages and not one Picture - People learn from Pictures

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In this mini marathon that's become the WCC Library Report, a quick copy and paste tells me, we have 107,105 words which equals 357 pages of a novel. I just wish it were a holiday read.

In this section, we dip into the Community Analysis: All libraries and mobiles 40 sections (pp 69-278: 210 pages) I posted earlier, page 275 gives All Libraries Data is worth a look (I will come back to that in detail in a moment).

Here's the thing, as an exTeacher, I taught children from four to eleven years old. And in that time, I showed them a lot of pictures, told them a lot of stories and eventually interrogated a lot of data. In year six, in the SATS, eleven year olds (in maths and science) are asked questions on charts, graphs and tables.

Let me tell you how many charts, graphs and visualisations there are in all 326 pages - None

To quote from an earlier post (April 2011): As humans, we think in pictures. It helps us understand the world. And for that reason, I have produced 19 Facing the Challenge Charts, 11 Library Online Statistics Charts, 4 Meeting and Roadshow tables and 36 other Library posts at this site.  The example from Evolution at Wikipedia illustrates text versus picture - which one can you understand in a only a few seconds?

Next up, in Part 5, pages 275-278 Community Analysis - All Libraries Warwickshire.

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