Monday 5 December 2011

Nuneaton burglars kill kitten in microwave, second incident in UK this year

In local news, it seems there are deranged people on the loose. This is the second time now involving a kitten placed in a microwave (and killed). Anyone with information should contact Nuneaton Police, Warwickshire, UK on 024 76 641111

Previous case occurred on 16 Feb 2011 in Torquay, Devon where _A woman microwaved a 10-week-old kitten to death and was found guilty of causing it unnecessary suffering (sentencing on 14 Dec 11).

And of course the Coventry incident where a cat was placed in a wheelie bin, which caused outrage and 150 people protested outside the guilty woman's home
SICK burglars killed a 10-week-old kitten by putting it into a microwave oven during a Nuneaton burglary.

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