Thursday 22 December 2011

Talk to the Chief Constable at Warwickshire Police, UK in first online chat

Warwickshire Chief Constable Andy Parker will be going online to chat with members of the public on Thursday night in the first trial of a new way of communicating for the force.

Mr Parker will be online using the CoverItLive system between 7.30pm and 8.30pm on Thursday, December 22, and will welcome questions and comments on issues of concern to the community.

Questions not answered during the hour will be dealt with offline and the whole conversation will be published at a later date.

If you want to take part in the discussion visit the force website

Alternatively you can email your comments to sure you add END at the end of your question) or you can pose a question using the hashtag #talktoAndy via Twitter.


  1. Although I missed the webcast myself (I only found out about it today!), I must applaud Chief Constable Parker for doing this.

    Hopefully there'll be more events like this in the future, and I look forward to seeing a transcript of the discussion published online soon.

  2. Dan, the whole text is available at the site, Cover It Live acts as a replay..

  3. Sorry Mike I also missed the webcast and now having posted a new year report need to go and correct it. I am with Dan on this and appreciate that the Chief Constable did this and look forward to reading the transcript. Hopefully he will do another one and hopefully he had support and questions on this one. Had I of kept my eye on the ball I would have been there participating.

    Thanks for all your hard work



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