Saturday 7 July 2012

G-10 Summit with Sarah Hill: How to Host a Hangout On Air

This post published at Sarah Hill Stories following a LIVE Hangout On Air. I include it here as it's essential (look out for my inclusion).

A Hangout On Air is a group video chat room within Google Plus that also streams live on You Tube.  In this HOA, France 24, KOMU-TV, KRNV-TV, WSPA-TV, Developers and Independent Journalists share tips, tricks and tools on how to host your own Hangout On Air.        

This 10 person video chat room is fueling a Journalism Renaissance as it's a collaborative space bringing together developers with traditional and independent journalists.  For more examples of how Journalists are using Hangouts On Air, please see 10 Ways Reporters are Using Hangouts On Air.

Video Rundown:

02:00 Panel Introductions: Chad LaFarge (Pro Studio), Dan McDermott (Google Plus Week), Eric Olander (France 24), Kemton Lam (Indie Journo), Mike Downes (Indie Journo), MoritzTolxdorff (Hangout Lower Third), Melissa Carlson (KRNV News), Sarah Hill (KOMU News)
06:00 Dan, Melissa on Story ideas
08:40 Eric on the French Perspective on using Hangouts
10:00 Diversity, Vetting Guests
13:50 Developing Apps: Moritz and Hangout Lower Third
16:28 Chad LaFarge and Pro Studio
19:20 Mike's Screenshare Demonstration
22:00 Questions from the stream
23:00 Comment Tracker App Demonstration 
24:15 Questions
26:00 AmyWood (WSPA) South Carolina
29:00 Guest Etiquette
32:15 Advertising a HOA, how far in advance?
36:00 Hangouts in Business
39:00 More Questions
44:00 World Time: 
45:00 End 

Apps/Extensions referenced in this video:
Pro Studio by Chad LaFarge
Hangout Lower Third by Moritz Tolxdorff  
Comment Tracker by Gerwin Strum:
Google Shared Calendar Events by Charles Hogge 
Google Events Announcement:  

To follow my updates on Google Plus or to join my Hangouts On Air, please see

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