Sunday 8 July 2012

LIVE Coverage of the Demolition of the Massey AGCO Tower from Coverage

Many Thanks to all those who supported the Massey Tower Event Today. I'm delighted to use Google Plus and Events in this way. It will provide an great example for people curious how a LIVE Event unfolds. 

For the record, at the precise time of the detonation, I refreshed my screen and missed it. Which is getting to be a habit as when we covered the LIVE Thyroid Surgery, I also missed the exact moment the thyroid was removed from the patient. 

In this Event we used: Google Plus, Google Events, Google Maps, YouTube, Bambuser, Twitter, Topsy, Flickr and UStream.

[Early Edit at 9.45am] Player will start when Chief Inspector Kerry Blakeman goes LIVE. In the meantime, player shows most recent video. Expected demolition time is Sunday 8 July, 2012 after 10:00am .. A Google Event has been opened to share with friends.

1 comment:

  1. I used to work in that building - sad to see it go


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