Sunday 18 August 2013

I've hit at Google+ wall, so I'm going back to Blogger for more Creative Multi Media Posting

I've made over 9,000 posts at Google+, but I'm running a little low on self expression and creativity.

Typing without limits is valuable - choosing a video, or photos or a link is not so great. As is the bold, italic and strikethrough.

I want to fall in love with writing all over again. Creating something out of nothing and adding images where I want them and as many as I want - wherever I put them.

I'm also passionate about inline links that mean something - so valuable when used right. Darn annoying when linking to ads and places that are weak. that shows bad writing and intelligence.

Blogger Help
Audio and video has never been more important and that's why I believe each post should have a voice over format for those on the move and for those who cannot see the words.

+Blogger does all this - I'm so excited to see the editing tools as I type this. I have over 900 posts at my blog and a wide readership. My issue - I just don't post enough (anymore).

I started my blog in April 2010 and for the first few years was posting 40 times a month. Now I post about 4 times a month. Ok, I'm posting like crazy at g+, but with the auto text cut off - you never know what you are going to get.

The clincher is transferable comments from blogger to google+ posts and back again. Tagging is pretty cool,
so is scheduling posts - although I've never used it. HTML is awesome, just get that done (if you need to after you write the post).

I used to teach children to write first, edit and then and only then mess about with fonts and colours.

So there you have it. Wait there's more, as I get to name people in blogger how cool is that?

Since google+ has turned up - I've got to know people from all over. Shout out to +David Kutcher as my go to if I get stuck.

Audio Version of this Post

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