Monday 2 September 2013

BBC News at Google+ The last 100 posts: +1s, Shares and Comments

+BBC News at +Google+  have 2,637,261 people who have them in Circles.

They also have 3,395,109 users who have +1ed their page.

I've taken a look at the last 100 posts detailing +1s, Shares and Comments.

Averages +1s = 267, Shares = 51 and Comments = 60 per post.
Maximums: +1s = 995, Shares = 278 and Comments = 220 per post.

The BBC seem to most around three times a day with magazine style stories.

For example, the Have you ever been struck by lightening? post gathered 995 +1s and 278 shares.

In contrast, the most commented post, was the Bradley Manning Guilty announcement with 220 Comments.

This post may set up a few more looking at how others like +Sky News+The Guardian or +Channel 4 also post to Google+. For me, it's the strategy of posting as breaking news or the occasional magazine style.

I have a theory Google+ could easily be used to break news - Google+ is Google+, it's not a facebook or a twitter.

Here's the data set (with charts) below or Open in a new Window

If you require more data, visit +CircleCount's website and view the BBC News data page.

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