Tuesday 10 September 2013

Martha Payne and the Story of Neverseconds: Take Two with new google+ embed code

On Sunday 17 June 2012, I made a post at this blog making sense and telling the story of Martha Payne and #neverseconds: (Martha Payne and the Story of Neverseconds: What I posted at Google Plus: Well Done Martha, You're a Star).

There were 14 Google+ posts which were copy and pasted into this blog. Yesterday, Google+ launched the ability to embed a g+ post into this blog.

Official Google Help page is also available.

What you see below is the same #neverseconds blog post using the 8 of 14 of the new code (that should be enough to make a comparison).

This post will then serve as a before and after test case. I have not reposted minus the opening paragraph an into video. The new blog post reads:

Post 1 9:03am: Dan McDermott +named me in a post. I reshare

Post 2 11:59am I'm watching the story, especially Google News and addition of the now recognised hashtag

Post 3 12:18pm Refers to the name and location of the school, especially as it has a Google Place Page

Post 4 12:41pm Shows non UK readers where and how unusual the location is

Post 5 12:46pm An observation on how other bloggers are thinking and posting

Post 6 1:18 pm focus turns to the Charity angle and rapid addition of funds. This post was edited by me many times as funds increased every few hours

Post 7 1:39pm This post announced a turning point in the story and was shared 20 times at g+

Posts 8, 2:19pm Another observation on an aspect, this time the press release

There are six more posts that have not been coded so far.

Post 9 An example of how everyone including a Googler from Seattle is raising funds
Post 10 Shows an example of how this news has been told in a photo from Twitter
Post 11 An New Post by Martha at her Blog
Post 12 Update from overnight's Charity Total
Post 13 Update from Sunday
Post 14 Another Update .. with call to action .. As at: Sunday 20:28 UK Time, Vanessa Howell has 79 shares from her post

 Audio Version

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