Monday 17 February 2014

The #yearofcode Google+ Community Resource Page

I normally create a resource page first, and then a Google+ Community - but in this case it's the other way around. That means, thankfully for the reader, this post can be concise.

Anyone can join The Google+ #yearofcode Support Community, there two messages that I will post here.

About Welcome to The Google+ #yearofcode Support Community created by Mike Downes. This group does not form part of the, rather it's for those who wish to understand what coding involves. It's a place for discussion, to share your stories and learn from each other. 

Post made on 17 Feb 14 talking hashtags
The #yearofcode will be found across all platforms like twitter, facebook and the web. It's my belief Google+ will be a very strong and valuable resource for everyone - Teachers, Year of Code Partners, Parents and of course the students. 

 As of today 12 Feb 2014, there are 201 days until 1 Sep 2014 when the new National Curriculum starts. That's not a lot of time - so let's get cracking, if like me you cannot code. I've heard of a few more people recently like that too. But, I know plenty of coders. Some are friends, some are googlers - but all are kind and helpful. We can all learn together. This group does not have anytime for politics or agendas - time is too short for that.

The Seymour Papert post
Welcome Message I've been asking a lot of questions in the past week. This group is a first step in addressing my curiosity with the world that surrounds us all and how we can best cope with it. I'm declaring myself uneducated and vulnerable - but I want to learn.

Every year I watch the live stream from Google IO and come away wanting to code - then a few weeks later I've forgotten all about it. I deal with coders every day - I tell them what I like, what I want moving around and the suggestions I have to make stuff work even better.

But I don't do it myself. Maybe I'm too scared to learn, think it's too hard or too time consuming - I'm not really sure. Sometimes, I get this almost uncontrollable  narcoleptic urge or mind mind drifts off. Which is pretty odd as I spend all my waking hours at the desktop. I write, take photos, creative stuff, talk to people, listen to stuff, create even more stuff - but I don't code. Until now.

I'm a teacher creative considering the new National Curriculum 2014. I'm also a UK Citizen baffled by the politics in the last few days - thank goodness this group is free of all that. I want this group to be a place where 5-16 year olds, parents, teachers and partners can all come in and leave feeling they've had a valuable use of their time. This group is public - anyone can see it, remember that.

I'm also looking to eventually hook up with Google's#connectedclassrooms  just like the super successful #hourofcode did with some really great people. I'm sure people are thinking of that already.

That's it - I'll be looking for a few moderators along the way. In the meantime, let's all learn together and any question, like any question at all is worth asking.

If this really is the #yearofcode  then we have 322 days until the end of the year - wow what can we all learn in that time? Hopefully something marvellous.

Leaving you with clip as it's so much fun ..

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