Wednesday 5 March 2014

Hangout Swapshop renamed #occupyhangouts from #hangoutswapshop

 +Robert Redl interviewing a pigeon (18 March 2014)
Update as 29 March For the last week, we have been using the hashtag #occupyhangouts for these meetings. As the idea was a beta, I will not be using the tag #hangoutswapshop again.

Hangout Swapshop is an idea I'm working on following last night's hangout and the six hours I spent Sunday from 8-2am.
#hangoutswapshop asks two things
1, Come with an idea to share and 2, listen to others (without forcing your own talking point till the time is right). That's it..

Remember this from 1976-82 
Last night, we saw +Sarah Hill pop in, then rejoin an hour later to test some mics ready. Kevin Selle turned up to ask about glass and realtors. Brilliant to see +Dolidh Young - it's been too long.

+Moritz Tolxdorff was there when he shouldn't have been (school night), but the ironing board in the back was fun. But, one guy turned up - thought it was a private hangout and left, I feel bad about that. I was sat there talking code with +Keith Milner .. You all get the idea..

I make no claim this is anything new -- But, as the UK still struggles to find mainstream hangouts, it seems I may have to spend some time face to face with people at Silicon Roundabout (that's where some pretty smart UK people seem to hangout, while claiming not to be hipsters. Point being - I've been in 1,000s of hangouts, but about two in the last 3 months, again I feel pretty bad about that..

Just because we used to use hangouts as a global-local meeting place back in the day place, doesn't mean it has to stop now. I'm tweeting more now as the #yearofcode #hourofcode demands it -- but an eye ball to hangout eye ball sure is no 140 chrs..

Hangouts are Dead - Long Live Hangouts The lead hashtag seems to be #hangoutpost and g+ helpfully provides associated tags, hmmreally? By looking at the slide we see not that many linking from#hangoutpost or #hangoutsonair .. So what tag do you use? remeber hashtags are a big deal in Google Search like: which also link to twitter and facebook ..

The friends I have where global is local with Hangouts. Since July 2011 I have made new friends and contacts. Here are some I've thought of, listed by first name and approx location ..

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