Saturday 5 April 2014

Tracking my Photosphere Views each week while learning about discovery

21 June 2014 update As today, there are 51 images with 20,659 views ..

I made my first #photosphere on 1 Dec 2013 - my total now is 45. What started as a Can I do it with a DSLR? has ended up as a theory into discovery.

In other words, the latest image (of the library) shows a higher view rate than the rest. 

This was the first internal panorama of a public library in Essex, UK. It was tweeted by +Essex Libraries.

It's best to view the data sheet and charts in a new window. Photospheres are can be viewed in four places: 

1, Google Maps 2, Google Maps Views 3, Google+ Photos and 4, Embedded in a webpage. You can see the difference with these links for the library..

1, Google Maps 2, Google Maps Views 3, Google+ Photos and 4, Embedded in a webpage (see below).

To get started yourself, visit the Google Support Page. Anyone can do this. And also make sure you check regular updates from Google's +Evan Rapoport too.

I would be interested in hearing from anyone doing a similar study. I'm a teacher, so I'm not in a race for views, but rather the place a #photosphere sits in the suite of Google Services. For example, we have Panoramio that's also available and now shows g+ photo features (Remember Panoramio has been showing photos at Google Earth for years). 

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