Monday 1 December 2014

A big thank you to the readers on getting to 500,000

Today is the day, this blog passed 500,000 page views. And for that I am truly thankful.

This post is dedicated to those people like me who have a blog and who have not given up posting. And particularly to those people who listen to their own head and heart, refusing to be drawn into the noise and the nonsense that surrounds our day to day online existence.

What started out as a walk in my local town with a camera on Easter Sunday in 2010, now has 933 posts. The first one was 1 April 2010, so that was 1,705 days ago (4 years 8 months).

There are two reasons for this post, the first is a Thank You to all the Readers who have bothered to stop by and find what they needed - or hopefully, they've learned something new.

The blog started as an insight into what can be found in Kenilworth, Warwickshire, UK. After that, it talked about media change and mass communication. I found examples to discuss, the UK Police being just one.

You'll see I made 495 posts in 2011 which reduced drastically to 27 in 2013. I kept posting, but under the hat of Google+ (a place where I've made over 20,000 posts).

As I chose Blogger, a google service, I knew all my posting would be aligned with the other 100 or so google services ie Picasa Photos or YouTube.

This is all my own work, whether it be at Blogger, Google+, YouTube, Photos, Maps, Play or Search.

In 2010, I was a classroom teacher working in a primary school in the UK (teaching 4-11 year olds).

Today, my classroom is everywhere - in people's pockets, on their laptops, on their chromecast TV.

A while ago, I talked about paying attention to what's under your feet and what your hands are grappling hold of, what you eyes see and your ears hear. And now, how we all have the ability to see through walls.

Figurative walls that is, how any of us can post one minute, and get a comment back the next minute from anywhere on this planet. That's both breath taking and remarkable in equal measure.

If I had one piece of advice for anyone whether it be in words, pictures or video, it would be this.

go for the big lessons, produce something where you will give a small part of yourself - the regret is where you pull up short, it leaves you with the horrid feeling an opportunity has been missed, something you can rarely make up for..

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