Thursday 10 September 2015

With HALF of youtube views on Mobile why waste bandwidth go 240p

With HALF of youtube views on Mobile Devices, why waste bandwidth on a 720p HD Live Stream when the job can be done with 424 x 240p with NO loss in message? That's what this test is all about. Single user video, one image (top left) and a few text labels - message delivered every time..  

If you are broadcast a SINGLE video user - I would NOT use Hangouts at all - Use Go Live at: live_dashboard and OBS

The real beauty, clicking START STREAMING in means you DO NOT have to even go go YouTube at all -- it just works, which is kinda fantastic. To schedule a Live Event, you DO need to start OBS then visit youtube to start the stream (will make a video on that)..

update 7pm 10 Sep. On making a g+ post (embedded below), it seems I need to explain a little more on how bandwidth and CPU works when Live Streaming.

Possibly easiest way to refer to the OBS Video Settings page from:

Resolution Downscale This will downscale your scene before encoding and sending. This is generally done so you can maintain higher and more consistent video quality at the cost of image size. Note that the scene is still rendered at the base resolution; this only affects the output. Using this can reduce CPU usage greatly as less data has to be transferred over the bus and less data has to be encoded.

To maximize rendering efficiency and reduce frame lag, downscaling is done on the video card, and only the selectable downscales are available for use. An option for software downscaling may become available in the future.

In the comments, I talk about Coffee Shop wifi - take this to mean any connection with a low download and even lower upload. 

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