Friday 4 September 2015

The Mike Downes Instagram Page

Edit 18 April 2016 -New trailer video for the Laptop show

Also been sharing some Zoom H1 Mic photos, so take a look at the Zoom H1 Collection if you like ..

Update 11 Jan 2016 - Find my Google Local Guide Photos at Maps Contributions.

I've been using a Vivitar 786HD Action Camera - as it has a 120 degree wide lens, I get some cool shots - hope you like them.

4 sep 2015 update - I rarely use Instagram, but when I do it's to say something like this: Instagram no longer a Square: new Photo Aspect Ratios 

If you're reading this, chances are you arrived here from my Instagram account - the only allowed URL from my profile.

And no surprises - instagram is an used used and lesser service for me.

I've made this page to help make sense of the beauty and makeup artists I follow at Instagram.

In particular on how some Instagram users are found on other platforms like YouTube and Twitter.

7 Sep Update - Brilliant to see Nikki French with a non-square image - btw Non square images are impossible to find on a user profile - you have to look at each photo. See an example - let me know..

Of course, beauty blogging is of huge interest no matter what the platform, but from what I can see there are some users who want to be at YouTube too, but just are not sure where to start.

It's a massive leap of faith to catapult yourself from the 15 sec instagram clip to a fully fledged YouTube Channel. And that means getting to grips with cameras, microphones, lighting, a suitable video editor - akin to running your own mini tv channel.

So to get started, if I name some instagrams users, or post a photo pointing to a blog post or youtube video, this is the place to find it. I will make updates as I need them (what's even better, I can embed videos in this post). I will number the posts, as will help me at Instagram.

If I had a number one question for all the beauty bloggers, makeup artists and those who follow and watch, it would be, Why? Is it to learn #howto, admire, for the products or for the personality/entertainment value? I'm fascinated to know (for those people new to me, I cover a wide range of topics, all to do with media change, thank you.. 

Latest link 24 feb 15:

Huda kattan beauty youtube audience retention ..

This post is about Huda Kattan, her channel at YouTube and the last fifty videos uploaded.

I've studied them in my normal fashion to give some insights into the efficiency of a running YouTube Beauty Channel.

I've chosen Huda Huttan as my travels into beauty and makeup at Instagram has lead me to believe Huda is a shining example of someone who is loved and respected in the beauty community.

1, 28 Jan 2015, Here's the brilliant Cristelle from @frenchtouchofmakeup in a rare interview (Sept 2013).

My own youtube channel has the beta gif maker, you can see this in action on the left.

This gif was made from my A Célébration of frenchtouchofmakeup (as below).

2, 19 Feb 2015 A Célébration of frenchtouchofmakeup A frenchtouchofmakeup is a brilliant example of a stylish themed approach using serpentine curves and effective simplicity. Cristelle's channel stood head and shoulders above all others.

On researching makeup and MUA on Instagram, I looked at 120 accounts. My focus was how creators will use YouTube, Instagram, Twitter etc to seamlessly blend their content.  The Instagram square images are so small in preview which is why I say Cristelle has done such a great job. Of course, the 15 sec videos have been used too, where at youtube video length can be enormously long.

In other words, ''On my studies into YouTube Audience Retention, I have studied many channels (including beauty, style and makeup). I wanted to contrast that with how a person uses all platforms, so I looked at instagram too - that's where I found frenchtouchofmakeup''. 

You can visit Cristelle's channel at..
AND I hope with all our help frenchtouchofmakeup may return to YouTube again :)

This video is from my #celebration #homage series.. 
read more, ''Paying homage One easy and fulfilling way for me, to give a shout out, kudos, props, to big up, pay respect, celebrate or give a pat on the back to others. I've tormented myself recently, on how I make my next move in this online world. When the idea of homage first came to me, I said out loud, I can live with that..

3, May/Dec 2014 ongoing - My Studies with YouTube Audience Retention relating to beauty channels.

There are many posts. The slide on the left is taken from: youtube reveal audience retention (25 Oct 2014).

Watching 8.37 of a video of length 13.28 gives an audience retention of 64%

4, 29 Jan 2015, May Mia as ..

On my travels through youtube, I'm so glad I've found +Maya Mia. Her story is inspiration, no more so than what she talks about at 5:44in this video. What starts out as a discussion into affiliate links, codes, views and sponsorship ends ups with donations to some local Orphanages in Tanzania
  Maya,  I would upload again (the part from 5:44 to the end) as it's so valuable for other creators and for those people who feel passionate (as you do) on helping others. I was delighted when you opened your account - just shows another side to you.
  For other's reading this, have a read of this post which details the wonderful Maya story .. 
  Finally, and I need to post on this separately, if people ask what's a guy (like me) doing watching and commenting on a beauty channel - well, that's in all the work I do on mass communication and media change - where Beauty and Makeup stands head and shoulders high above the rest on youtube. I will work hard to study and help with YouTube Audience Retention while making the most of the brilliant people I meet. In other words, every single channel owner is their own highly specialised and targeted media company.. Good luck and best wishes to you Maya..
  ps what are the links and names of the local Orphanages you mention? /mike  

5, 28 Jan 2014, Kaushal Beauty It actually feels very good to know there are talented creators like+Kaushal Beauty alive and well in the UK. All the info is there, the is just brilliant. In all my studies, finding a channel like this, makes it so much easier and even easier to track across all platforms, love it :)  

/this post ends and will be updated.. I will be posting on how I spent two weeks following beauty accounts at Instagram, why I did it, what I learned and what is the next step (for you and me).. /mike

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