Saturday 23 April 2016

About Mike Downes for April 2016 Onwards

Since the start of 2016, I've been working on a new format a called the Laptop show.

You can read about it at my University of Warwick Blog the Laptop show is a gift to all the children I have ever taught, now all grown up and part two called Elements of the Laptop show.

Where the slide on the left is really a part three where more or less by accident, I've made a pencil sketch of my last three year's videos, around 360 of them.

This has lead to a making a one style banner across all my online profiles. It's worth bearing in mind, people will find and watch my videos, in the past year, from a YouTube Search 50%, External Search 35% (including a Google Search 25%, Google+ 4%), Direct 5% and Other 10%. 

In the last month, my videos are watched mostly on the YouTube watch-page 96%. With Computer 73%, Mobile Phone 19% and Tablet 6% being devices. On Computer, Windows 84%, Mac 14%.

Included in that is a whiteboard that shows 2 April 1984 as the date -- this is always the date at the Laptop show. In Uni blog part three, I will talk about  how much has changed from a real life four walled classroom to the online experience where there are no four walls and all entry and exit points of learning are scattered around as intangible.

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