Thursday 28 April 2016

West Midlands Police Live Video to facebook Episode Two

On Wednesday 27 April 2016, Episode Two was aired hosted by Supt Kerry Blakeman.

Episode One too place on Wed 9 March 2016, you can watch all eleven videos at this post.

Incredible how time flies - it was seven weeks, that's 49 days since the last one.
edit 5 May 16, CC Dave Thompson on twitter..   The #wmplive Facebook broadcast reached 400k incredible 👏👏👏 @kerryblakeman @firearmsWMP @WMPolice #socialmedia

If there is a pattern, expect the next #WMPLive to be aired around the middle of June 2016.

Supt Kerry Blakeman shared a short video of the Firearms Operations Unit team ..

Broadcast Playlist (with most recent video first)..

Joined by Chief Constable Dave Thompson, discussion and firearms kit (broadcast 6, duration 10:40)

Discussion with with Chief Inspector Chris Mallett (broadcast 5, duration 4:08)

A visit to the National Ballistics Intelligence Service (recorded earlier in the day, duration 4:58)

Taking your Questions (broadcast 3, duration 16:38)

Firearms Equipment (broadcast 2, duration 9:27)

Welcome (broadcast 1, duration 2:46) ..

 Event Trailer 25 April 2016 (duration 0:21 secs)

Live Patrol Car - (broadcast 7) .. This live video, although having over 10k views has been understandably removed by WMP as some in car communications audio may have been heard.

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