Sunday 1 January 2017

Your Own Private Super Power

News Year’s Day can be a time of reflection for many. An early draft of Resolutions - things to put right or try harder for in the year ahead.

Like many people, when I’m out walking, driving, out on my bike, cooking food, taking a shower or lying there with eyes closed waiting for sleep images or ideas flash through our brains.

This is made me repost this video and got me think about Our Own Private Super Power. 

You’ll see how President Obama is asked for his own superpower, he chose to speak any language. Not something extravagant, but something sensible.

That’s my choice too. If I had Harry Potter’s Elder Wand and could magic any spell, it would be to have my thoughts, images and mind sequences written up as words, pictures and film of my choosing.

For me, it works like this. Taking a shower is an interesting place as you stand there drenched in a waterfall of water. 

It’s a time when you mind often races away making a sense of what;s just happened (or my my case what I’ve been stuck on - hence the need for the shower in the first place).

Then suddenly, thoughts start to come from nowhere and arranged themselves like the perfect mosaic.

The panic most often - having no way to capture them. I’ve often drawn little mapss and ideas on the shower screen door. Yet they too will disappear as condensation evaporates.

On using  the new superpower - I’d venture back to my desk and find a short essay, an elaborate collage or a well crafted film already sat on my laptop waiting to be published.

As an extension, whatever topic I’d written would be available in written, spoken  and visual form making it accessible to everyone.

You could easily argue this is not a superpower at all, but just hard work, perseverance and a bit of luck thrown in.

For a literal interpretation, look up Self Actualization. Especially the part about defining the term as, ‘the full realization of one's potential, and of one's true self'.

In 2017, I will be working on this idea, the desire and the passion to work with words, pictures and film.

You will find a new youtube channel too just look for the black banner with three white words.

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