Wednesday 7 June 2017

Police Twitter Awards 6 June 2017 Live Broadcast #PolTAwards

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Timestamps to skip to a particular part of the live broadcast made on 6 June 2017 at 7pm.

Video, Contents and Website

00:00 Preroll video with music showing Sgt Harry Tangye Winning the 2016 Police Twitter Awards
12:18 Open and Standby
13:57 Introduction with host Kerry Blakeman
15:43 Background to the #poltawards
17:10 New Sponsors - Motorola Solutions, Laws Communications, Police Oracle
17:42 The 2017 host is West Yorkshire Police thanks CC Dee Collins
how these contents look on youtube..

17:58 Care of Police Survivors COPS Charity - and Voting is open from 6th June 17 to 31st Aug 17
18:40 Sgt Harry Tangye - Interview and Questions 01
25:09 Announcements - 16 Categories
29:28 Harry Questions 02
31:46 Announcements Part 2 - Changes on How to become a finalist. How to Vote --  - On Twitter - follow @policeawards - Tweet us your nomination with the specific category e.g Cat 2 I nominate @nameofofficer and include the hashtag #poltawards
34:40 Lauri Stevens from Laws Communications joins the broadcast
35:48 Harry Questions 03
38:15 Lauri Stevens Intro and the 15th Epic #SMILECon location announced - Miami, Florida
41:50 Connected Cops Award - Eight categories at
43:38 Harry Questions with Lauri too
47:36 A question from Motorola Solutions
51:50 Recap, How to Vote Reminders
52:54 Thanks ..
54:05 Arthur the Dog on camera
55:23 Outro Slides with music

This was the Police Twitter Awards Live Interview with 2016 Winner Sgt Harry Tangye hosted by CI Kerry Blakeman. Questions were asked in advance using the hashtag #PolTAwards on twitter. Police Twitter Awards Kerry Blakeman Sgt Harry Tangye

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This video was produced by me Mike Downes using OBS Studio, and streamed Live using YouTube. To find out how you can do this for free yourself, contact me Mike Downes.

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