Friday 7 July 2017

West Midlands Police NPAS Live Video to facebook and twitter periscope

On Thursday 6 July 2017, Chief Inspector Kerry Blakeman and NPAS hosted the fifth episode of #WMPLive with quite a special set of broadcasts spread across Facebook and Twitter/Periscope.

The National Police Air Service NPAS, which has fifteen bases in the UK, provides air support to the 43 police forces in the UK.

Below you will find in chronological order links to the ten broadcasts in a table for easy watching. In previous posts all video were embedded but added to a longer page load.

There are a few extra photos and videos which I will embed below this table.

If you have missed previous Episodes here’s a list, all available on this blog using the tag #WMPLive.

Extra photos and videos

Trailer ..

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