Tuesday 9 January 2018

Exploring the BeFunky Photo Editor Mobile App on Android

 a hare in a field as pop art from Spet 2014

I’ve used BeFunky on and off since 2009 I think, always on desktop, from memory maybe it was a downloaded application.

Yet here I am in 2018 talking BeFunky again, which seems to have found it’s way to me partly from memory as that’s what I search for after looking at the Storyboard comic strip images.

And partly on a quest to find out what Apps are out there to add photo effects to straight photos.

Google Photos will add one tap  filters like Auto and twelve more where Snapseed offers effects then another ten or so too filters, however they do not extend to the graphic art look.

Enter the BeFunky Android App (also available on iOS) where I’ve made the six video playlist below.

The important part here, we are talking and using MOBILE not DESKTOP. From a few emails to and from BeFunky Support, it seems they work very hard on the Desktop BeFunky service, where the mobile app is an extension to desktop offering fewer tools.

All well and good, yet for people on the go, they will never get to desktop at all if they are out and about.

Take a look at the lead slide of the Hare in the field on the horizon. It was taken Sept 2014 with a Nikon D80 at 300mm.

Back then all desktop with a Pop Art effect. If I repeated that today, I could do it all in that field using a USB OTG cable to my mobile loading the image from SD Card and have that quartered pop art in a few mins.

Summing up, BeFunky is an example of how anyone can use a mobile phone to it’s full potential.
I have no real interest, and certainly no energy for people who chase and drop Apps. As an educator, I’m looking at what Apps will be used time and time again and those in which we cannot live without.

In my personal toolbox, I’m looking for an app that changes a photo into something that proves a point or helps tell a story, teach a lesson fast and immediately.
It also gets me thinking about how people are not comfortable with reality, they may prefer a little exaggeration or a literal blurring of it.
sgt harry tangye car then befunky

Take a look at this photo of a UK Police Car as tweeted by Sgt Harry Tangye. It’s already a strong image with lovely symmetry, yet in my view, you can see too much with so much crisp detail.
It took me a few mins to think about how that image could be used to say something else. In this case advertise the officer’s twitter handle overlaid onto a blur and a frame.

Refs: BeFunky website, befunky mobile with links to apps android and iOS.

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