Saturday 6 January 2018

U Scanner by Cyberlink is so Useful to Photo Scan Deskew Save pretty much anything

uk police tweet image using mobile first phone

I heard about and downloaded U Scanner by Cyberlink on Android on 14 Dec 17 (iOS is also available).

After a five minute test, I upgraded to Premium and paid £1.23 UK (no watermarks and no ads). For that price it would hardly break the bank.

I've made three videos on the playlist below and also include the official video.

There is some real magic involved here - and it will catch a lot of people out. U Scanner (and similar apps) let you import ANY photo into the app - which opens up a case of ethics - Is it fair to use U Scanner to process and deskew and save image that is not yours?

In these examples, I believe it is. The UK Police posted some photos on twitter for the positive use of technology. Both have a small hidden image - see the lead slide which has a mobile phone with 25 Apps on screen. They are hard to read, so use U Scanner and save.

In this example of a Police Drone supporting Fire and Rescue, there is incredible detail - you can now read the most of the fine details on screen. Of course the responsibility, in my opinion, is on understanding your 'camera's resolution' knowing how the photo you post in public MAY BE SAVED or VIEWED at it's HIGHEST resolution.

As a classroom teacher, I used an old school whiteboard with dry wipe pens - IF ONLY I had U Scanner back then, could have saved EVERY SINGLE DAY and each lesson. Of course, I moved on to a digital projector, so all lesson notes were saved already. And yes I did use dusty white chalk too.
pain relief tablet box

Autonomy - U Scanner and any other App like it provides a vital tool to your mobile armoury. When the need arises, make sure you are thinking right. In the final example using a pain relief tablet box, a simple photo through U Scanner makes that tiny text more accessible and therefore readable.

Play Google 'document scanner' search in apps

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