Friday, 15 January 2016

How to Start a Blog for Police Officers

Police Officer blogs are not new, but we're now in 2016 and with that comes the realtime web - which makes it faster and easier than ever before to get your message out.

Twitter seems to be by far the choice for Police and Law Enforcement (for named officer accounts). It's quick, easy and fits in your pocket.

YouTube Audio Library as 15 Jan 2016

Here's the Jan 2016 Survey of the YouTube Audio Library Free Music Tracks.

There are now over 1,500 tracks from 53 different artists.

You can have a play around with this data sheet, but please take a copy first.

Monday, 11 January 2016

How to tweet a photo and tag people for Police Officers

Anyone can use this technique to get a fast message out.

1, Compose a Tweet 2, Add a Photo 3, Tag up to ten people 4, Send

Using twitter to tweet a photo to tag up to ten people can be invaluable to get a fast message out to people. Here's how to do it with an example..

Twitter help page. Thanks to the Essex Police UK Officers for help making this video..

Update, it seems to work with very small images too - where the image must trigger the feature.

See this tweet where image is just 12x12 pixels (only one person was tagged as a tst).

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

How to follow a Police hashtag like #NorfolkLive by making something useful and fast

screenshot of the website
In this post, you'll learn about making something online for free that support Community Safety.

In this case, Norfolk Police UK made one tweet with a slide on 28 Oct 2015 at 7am. Sgt Joe Simon said, Me + @RPFOUSgt will be broadcasting live on patrol via @periscopeco on Fri 30th and Sat 31st. Follow #NorfolkLive.

Timeless live video from West Mids Police and Fire tells of the value in Community Safety

It's December 2015, four years and three months from when Supt Kerry Blakeman and Commander Simon Shilton invited me to Coventry Police Station to learn about Google+ and Live Video at YouTube.

Having watched back the clip today, it's a timeless piece of work. I have no hesitation in recommending anyone in Policing and Community Safety to take the time to watch.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Essex Police Twitter Accounts Mapped

This post was first made on my mike downes media website as it has a wider page width and maps will look better, it reads:

This interactive map has been produced from the public twitter list at Essex Police UK - Officers who tweet (time of writing 102 members, I've added the main force account too).

All pushpin locations are approximate based on what we can see in each twitter bio. The purpose of the map is to give a rough idea where the officers are located.

Saturday, 17 October 2015

PC Alan Conran Essex Police UK Twitter Album @PCAlanConran

If you click this image, it will open a lightbox album
or if on mobile/tablet click here for photos app
This is a theory post. It will show how making a public google photo album will make thirty eight images and two videos show up in a Google Search.

Of course they are not the same image URLs on twitter - they are a copy stored on Google.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Why do people use Audacity? And thanks to those 50,000 views..

From the three Audacity Help Videos I've made, they've just passed 50,000 YouTube views.

All three were called How to Clean Audacity, and took me just minutes to make. I've lost count of all the people who've said Thank You.

The one genuine question I have: What do people need clean audio for?

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