Thursday 26 July 2018

YouTube Hashtags at Video Search

Hashtags at YouTube have been around for a long while - yet what's new, how to add a hashtag into a title or description text and have those hashtags appear above the title.

Used in moderation quite useful, so what's the best way? I am leaning towards a three step approach
  1. channel name #themikedownespage
  2. subject, topic like #GoogleEarth
  3. subtitle like #Measure
Any more hashtags a too many in my opinion. What's alarming how google youtube have a limit of 50 hashtags - I say alarming as in my view, that limit should be MUCH lower - like 5 I would say.

Edit Fri 27 July 18 - Rules..

1, if hashtag(s) in title, then TITLE ONLY
2, if title and text description then TITLE ONLY
3, if no title, hashtag(s) in text description then ABOVE TITLE ONLY

therefore hashtags cannot be in both TITLE and ABOVE TITLE (?)

Links: Official Help Page Use Hashtags for Video Search


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