Tuesday 3 July 2018

Top Ten Videos at youtube mike downes as 3 July 2018

New playlist here called, 'Top Videos in the last 28 days curated 3 July 2018.

Using youtube analytics at youtube, the account holder can see exactly what is being watched in realtime, 7, 28, 90, 365 days and so on. It's an immense free feature that youtube provide.

In this list of ten videos there are changing trends (on my channel). For the first time Color Inversion has overtaken How to Clean Audio.

I, as the account holder, can also see using studio.youtube.com how 1,200-1,500 unique viewers visit each day to watch 1.4 videos.

We can also see how ALL the top ten videos and simple screen recordings (of mobile or desktop) designed to teach the viewer something..


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