Thursday 24 September 2015

Why do people use Audacity? And thanks to those 200,000 views..

From the three Audacity Help Videos I've made, they've just passed 200,000 YouTube views (as Jan 2020).

edit 9 Feb 16 - this post was made 24 Sep 15 as 50,000 views, changed to 70,000 views now..

All three were called How to Clean Audacity, and took me just minutes to make. I've lost count of all the people who've said Thank You.

The one genuine question I have: What do people need clean audio for?

Is it for a audio podcast or video, music or speech or business or pleasure? I would really like to know :)

I'm happy to make more Audacity help videos - but frankly, there are many more people who know Audacity far better than me.

Update 3 Mar 2016 .. 

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