Tuesday 16 July 2013

Realtime Communications - When will LIVE Video become Natural and Commonplace? CILIP 6 June 2013

Patrick Viera and Nicola McCarthy of Man City FC
I gave a talk at CILIP in London last month - it served as many things. +Sarah Hill called it a great historical perspective of the last two years of Google+ and Hangouts.

For most people who visit this post, they'll have been directed here by me personally - usually from a conversation, g+ post or looking to learn something.

Monday 15 July 2013

The Virtual Field Trips - Virtual School Trips Resource Page with Case Study: Hangouts in History

Update on 29 Jan 2014 Google Education launched Connected Classrooms on 4 Nov 2013 with a website and a Google+ Community (there are 4,369 members as now).

In many ways Virtual Field Trips became #connectedclassrooms.

This post will still serve as a resource page, but I have a new one for the UK as Tesco launched the Eat Happy Project (which will use connected classrooms). This is the first time in the UK, a large org has stepped up with real time video with schools.

Monday 1 July 2013

The Solutions Journalism Resource Page - Today, I'm going to change the World..

David and Sarika are just two members of the team at SJ 
On reading a post about activism journalism at Nieman, I explored every link.

Which lead to Solutions Journalism containing some powerful, yet simplistic ideas - I use simplistic as a massive compliment to the team at SJ.

But wait, the idea is also brainbox complex - that's the solution and the creative part.

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