Tuesday 31 May 2011

West Midlands Police and Fire present #covcam videos from Wed 25 May

There is no doubt that West Midlands Police and Fire lead the field of Social Media. But, don't take my word for it, see for yourselves in these two examples. Look out for a taser, breathing apparatus and a new fire officer's uniform (including that space age helmet in Part 02).

Chief Inspector Kerry Blakeman and Fire Commander Simon Shilton are once again doing their best to ensure every angle is covered in their commitment to engage with the community.  Following this broadcast, tests are in progress to ensure members of the public receive an enhanced viewing experience very soon.

Monday 30 May 2011

How to add in line links in a Comment to a Blogger Post

When adding a comment to a blog post using Blogger, automatically, it is text only. Some websites/blogs allow links to be left using these tags

If you wish to add an in line link (and you are using Blogger). Compose a new draft post, using HTML like this:

viewing on the blog (with the link) as...

I agree with this post and see www.whtasinKenilworth.com for more. HTML looks like this...

Then copy and paste this to Comment box (from the Edit HTML tab) and base of the post you are commenting on. See base of this post. That's it.

Saturday 28 May 2011

Community Library Groups are frustrated - help them understand?

16 of 34 Libraries may close
With less than two weeks to go, before the Warwickshire Libraries Facing the Challenge Consultation closes - some community groups have hit a dead end.

One local group, that does not want to be named, met WCC Library Officials at Shire Hall over three weeks ago. Many questions went unanswered until yesterday - three weeks to wait. Its all to do with hidden costs.

It seems actual income (from the published WCC FTC) are 26% less than previously stated. WCC says income figures are not real, only budget figures.

What about IT costs? WCC reply, '...if the service stays in the same building there is an annual charge for the communications link of £3,112.22, if the service is moved to a new building there will be an installation charge of £9908.28, plus the £3112.22.'

Friday 27 May 2011

Warwickshire Libraries confirm Workshop is FREE for everyone

From £33 to £24 to FREE
Thanks for your note regarding the price of the conference at Rugby Library on 2 June.  You are right to say that this will be free for all delegates.  I should emphasise that the conference was always going to be free for the majority of delegates; a fee was only going to be charged for community groups who sent additional attendees.
We have reconsidered the decision to charge as we have had a very positive response to the conference and wanted to ensure that as many people as possible who have already expressed an interest in running a community library could attend.  
It's a tiny point in a massive game - a point none the less.

Wednesday 25 May 2011

The Gauntlet in Caesar Road will Open in Autumn 2011

The Gauntlet as 25 May 2011
A planning application was granted last night by Warwick District Council that will see The Gauntlet in Caesar Road reopen in the next few months. News came from @joerukin at 7.47pm last night on twitter: Planning committee at District Council say yes to The #Gauntlet #Kenilworth planning application 7-1

These photos, which were taken this morning, can serve as a before and after. The after comes when Enterprise Inns complete the refurbishment.

Tuesday 24 May 2011

Warwickshire Bloggers, we want to hear from you - let us know you're there

Citizen Journalists get in touch
Following the Coventry Bloggers post yesterday, we are now launching the same search for Warwickshire.

Today was only a few hours old when I was contacted by @benbloggerdad telling me, 'I'm a Kenilworth Blogger.' The same goes for @blankcanvasprod who are also from Kenilworth, but are video story tellers. While @Earlswood_Lakes have another hyperlocal covering Forshaw Heath and Earlswood.

After that, the search is on in Warwickshire. So, once again if you know of anyone writing about their local area - we want to hear from you. There must be some really great online blogs: Atherstone, Bedworth or Coleshill to Stratford, Shipston or Southam to Wood End, Warwick or Whitestone - Made in Warwickshire.

Many Thanks, as always to @BBCCov_Newsroom for the retweets and for @warkslife for taking an interest  in helping get this project off the ground - see today's copy of The Warwickshire Life Daily.

Live TwitCam from West Midlands Police and Fire - Wed 25 May at 7pm

Quinton Parade, Cheylesmore
Following the successful Twitcam in Earlsdon on 22 March, Chief Inspector Kerry Blakeman and Fire Commander Simon Shilton will broadcast a live video Meet and Tweet from Cheylesmore, hashtag: #CovCam

The event starts at 7pm at Quinton Parade, Daventry Road, Cheylesmore, Coventry, CV3 5HD and lasts for one hour. Online viewers may come from the USA, Canada and Scotland - so it's not just the Coventry people that tune in (see  SMILE Conference from Chicago)

Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service unveil a new Uniform, wait that's not the story

Warks Fire Rescue New Kit
There are places that bloggers can reach where others cannot (just yet). Something's not quite uniform.

Warwickshire Fire and Rescue have a new kit, there was a press release yesterday from the WCC website: Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service unveil new kit!. Within that text, there was a photo and a link to a YouTube video (but no title or the video) and a further link to the @warksfirerescue twitter account.

At 3.20pm (23 May) came this tweet from @warksfirerescue: Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service launch New Fire Kit.. See them in action at and then another tweet at 4.18pm from @wcc_news Photo: Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service launch new fire kit. 

So, can we have the photo, the text and the video all in one place - yes we can. It's now Blogged.

Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service unveil new kit!
Monday 23rd May, 2011 
Warwickshire County Council’s Fire and Rescue Service are launching its new fire kit, showing ‘it’s firefighting, but not as we know it!’

The gold coloured personal protective equipment (PPE) with its sci-fi looking heat reflective visor, replaces the dark blue uniforms residents are used to seeing. The new design has been created to withstand the toughest environments and to recognise the extreme conditions in which PPE is worn. The new kit includes helmet, heat reflecting visor, gloves, boots, tunic and trousers. 
Chief Fire Officer Graeme Smith said:
“Firefighter safety is one of our top priorities and whilst the new kit may look a little different, it will provide our firefighters with the very latest in PPE technology, ensuring that they are protected against some the most extreme environments. The tunics consist of three protective layers – an inner thermal barrier, a moisture barrier and an outer material that is tougher and more flame resistant.”
The uniforms were bought as part of a national procurement strategy which was established by the ODPM (now Department for the Communities) in 2005. This project has allowed fire and rescue services across the country to invest to standardise national specifications and maximise procurement savings.
Cllr Richard Hobbs, Portfolio Holder for Community Protection, said
“I think the new fire kit looks great. Obviously I am pleased that we have been able to procure such a good deal nationally via the Firebuy project, whilst at the same time providing our firefighters with a high quality fire kit which will allow them to work more effectively even when exposed to hostile conditions such as fire and floods.”

In addition to the new fire kit, the service has also invested in more thermal image cameras which help firefighters see through smoke to identify the source of a fire and powerful torches with LED technology. See the uniforms on-line at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3EM18XGhPU
For more information on Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service please log onto www.warwickshire.gov.uk/fireandrescue or follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/warksfirerescue

Monday 23 May 2011

Coventry Bloggers, we want to hear from you - let us know you're there

Citizen Journalists get in touch
A few months ago, I thought I would have a search for some hyperlocal blogs in Coventry. Here I am...a few months later and I have no list at all. I'm going to say I've been terrible at looking as I know there must be some really fantastic Blogs - Made in Coventry

To qualify, all you need to be doing is writing about your local area. For example, I write about Kenilworth (and Warwickshire). Dan Essex in Barnacle writes about the Shilton Parish (just off the M69). 

Coventry can be divided into many areas (in a number of ways). West Midlands Police have: Binley and Willenhall, Woodlands, Whoberley, Sherbourne, Radford, Holbrook, Bablake, Wyken, Upper Stoke, Lower Stoke, Longford, Henley, Foleshill, St Michael's, Westwood, Wainbody, Earlsdon and Cheylsmore.

In South Coventry, Inspector Alastair Orencas has a blog called South Coventry Police News and a bit more. There are many smaller areas in the South like: Tile Hill, Eastern Green, Finham and Canley. You don't need me to tell you all that - because you live there. There must be some really good Neighbourhood Watch websites around. If you run one - get in touch and we can mention you at the #CovCam Meet and Tweet on Wed 25 May at 7pm.

And before I go, I've not forgotten about Whitley, Hillfields, Holyhead Road, Coundon, Whitmore Park, Bell Green, Coombe Fields,  Keresley or Potter Greens. And yes, I have read some of those from the map as I am off to search Google for the local sites I cannot find. But please help and tell us all about your hard work spent on a laptop creating something really brilliant to support your Community...

UPDATE: News, Views and Reviews of Earlsdon  www.earlsdon.info now added.

Kenilworth Town Council Contact List and Meetings 2011-12

KTC 2011 Contacts
The KTC Calendar of Meetings May to November 2011 and December 2011 to June 2012 are now available (exclusively here at wiK).

While I am assured there is a new team at the Kenilworth Town Council who are keen to update and manage the official Kenilworth Town Website, as of today - little has changed (apart from the Kenilworth Castle half term dates).

From now on, I am working on providing a four tier approach: Kenilworth, Warwick District, Warwickshire and Coventry. Ambitious I know - but hyperlocals are few.

Saturday 21 May 2011

Mayor Dave Shilton opens the Kenilworth in Bloom Plant Sale

St John's Church Hall hosted the annual Kenilworth in Bloom Plant Sale today.

Mayor Dave Shilton and Sue Edwards (see the video) welcomed eager gardeners and plant lovers this morning. It was fantastic to see such a large queue waiting to be personally greeted by the Mayor. All proceeds from the sale will contribute towards funding the many hanging baskets and floral displays around the town over the next few months. This photo shows one of the many customers who came prepared - this one by trolley.

Friday 20 May 2011

Kenilworth Town Council Annual Meeting and Election of Mayor David Shilton

The Kenilworth Town Council Annual Meeting took place on Thursday 19 May 2011 at 7pm in Leicester's Barn, Kenilworth Castle. Councillor Dave Shilton was elected as the new Mayor of Kenilworth to serve until May 2012.

A vote of thanks was given to the retiring Mayor Mrs Susan Howell while George Illingworth was elected as Deputy Mayor for the ensuing year. Appointment was also made of Members to Town Council Committees.

Mayor Dave Shilton's chosen charity will be the Warwickshire and Northamptonshire Air Ambulance. There will be an Air Ambulance Heroes Run on Sunday 5th June 2011 at Stoneleigh Abbey. Photo Album

Kenilworth Community Forum - Monday 6 June at Kenilworth School

Monday 6 June 2011 6.30 for 7pm Start WDC Kenilworth Forum 
Agenda and Behind The Scenes Venue: Kenilworth School, Leyes Lane, CV8 2DA

The Community Forums give you the opportunity to raise issues of local concern and keep up to date with what is happening in your community. This time we are discussing: Warwickshire Library Service Consultation, HS2 Update, Castle Farm Skate Park, Police local update and more.

If you would like to suggest an issue for a future Community Forum meeting, or get involved, please contact the Warwick District Community Partnership Team on 01926 456102 or email warwick@warwickshire.gov.uk

Warwickshire Libraries answer Reader Questions on the planned Workshop on Community Library Models

Following the post, Workshop on Community Library Models, I received  some questions. WCC Libraries have been kind enough to reply. 

Here are the reader questions and the WCC Library answers sent to whatsinKenilworth on (19 May at 4.36pm).

Thursday 19 May 2011

How I use Twitter and How to Get Started for those who don't

@wiKenilworth on an ipod
I've been asked to run some training sessions on Twitter, so an easy way to start, is tell you how I use it and and how you can get started if you don't. If you use Twitter already - great, pitch in and add a comment to this post.

I joined Twitter as @wiKenilworth on 3 December 2010, 167 days ago. Since then, I've made 1,370 tweets, follow 163 others and have 252 followers - so, that's about eight tweets a day.

Wednesday 18 May 2011

Workshop on Community Library Models to be held by WCC - first ticket free, all the rest £33 is that the way to help a Community?

A WCC Library Ticket
It's been announced by email, that Warwickshire County Council Libraries will hold a one day Workshop on Community Library Models on 2 June 2011 at Rugby College. 
Full details are yet to be finalised, however one item is clear, 'The County Council will cover the costs of one delegate from each organisation/community.  Each additional representative will have to cover the costs of £33 per person.'

Warwick Road - Where are we now?

Warwick Road, Kenilworth
This year has seen nothing but cuts, losses and disappointments. The Youth Service Consultation is over, the Library Service has three weeks to run and the Police Force have introduced a new model. 
For a philosophical moment, I'm going to leave you with a story that many of you will recognise. It could easily have be written Warwick Road or any other place in Warwickshire or the UK. Have a read, have a listen and decide for yourself - where are we now...

A long time ago, came a man on a track
Walking thirty miles with a sack on his back
And he put down his load, where he thought it was the best
Made a home in the wilderness

Tuesday 17 May 2011

Councillor Christopher Saint tweets from the Council Chamber from Shire Hall

Tweet from @cjsaint_cj
This is one reason why Councillors should use Social Media - to tell us something that's new. This tweet was sent a few minutes ago by Councillor Chris Saint from the WCC Annual Meeting at Shire Hall. 

Only yesterday, I was discussing the difference between email and a tweet with another Councillor. Let this be the start of great things from any Warwickshire Councillor #WCTP Warwickshire Councillors Twitter Project. Hat Tip Cllr Saint. For the small list of WCC Councillors who tweet see The List.

Monday 16 May 2011

Social Media v Industrial Media v Web 2.0 - is there a difference?

Social Media by khalid Albaih
It seems the phrase Social Media is everywhere. Not so long ago, everyone was talking about Web 2.0 as the next big thing and as for Industrial Media - what's that all about? Let me tell it in my own words, with a little help from Wikipedia: Social Media.

When people talk about Web 2.0 they usually mean where information is published (like a news website) and then a reader can interact with it (by leaving a comment).

Social Media, from my understanding, is the same as Web 2.0, but came along a little later in time. It seems, that in November 2009, Social Media overtook Web 2.0 as main phrase. Google Insights for Search shows this here:

Social Media can be made by people (like you and me) very quickly, inexpensively and shared to everyone. I wrote about this a year ago in Here Comes Everybody (by Clay Shirky) when it was called Mass Amateurization. Years ago, you needed a printing press and a few hundred people to form a newspaper - all you need now is a laptop, wifi connection and a cheap digital camera.

However, Industrial Media (like newspapers, television and films) is costly and time consuming to produce. But, there are some common traits such as Reach (reaching small or large audiences), Accessibility, Usability, Immediacy and Permanence (see Wikipedia to read more).
There are various statistics that account for social media usage and effectiveness for individuals worldwide. Some of the most recent statistics are as follows:
  • Social networking now accounts for 22% of all time spent online in the US.[8]
  • A total of 234 million people age 13 and older in the U.S. used mobile devices in December 2009.[9]
  • Twitter processed more than one billion tweets in December 2009 and averages almost 40 million tweets per day.[9]
  • Over 25% of U.S. internet page views occurred at one of the top social networking sites in December 2009, up from 13.8% a year before.[9]
  • Australia has some of the highest social media usage statistics in the world. In terms of Facebook use Australia ranks highest with almost 9 hours per month from over 9 million users.[10][11]
  • The number of social media users age 65 and older grew 100 percent throughout 2010, so that one in four people in that age group are now part of a social networking site.[12]

The fascinating attraction to Google Insights for Search (and GoogleTrends) is the ability to play around with search terms. Here are Email, Gmail, Twitter and MSN compared. A few years ago MSN (instant chat) was a real buzz word - look at the chart and draw your own conclusions.

Here are some Examples I use at wiK: Communication Tools (like Gmail and Blogger), Microblogging (like Twitter and Foursquare).  Multimedia: Picasa, YouTube, Livestream (Twitcam), Audacity and Audioboo.

As a footnote, if you were following the @wiKenilworth twitter stream last week, you would have seen #BBCdigjo which was the pilot BBC Digital Journalism Social Media Training Course in London. The BBC were kind enough to share their story on Twitter.

The first rule of Journalism, tell the truth - why the Courier got it wrong

Courier Friday 13 May 2011
In my view, you have to be very careful about making claims - especially if they're not entirely true. The Courier ran with this:

Elections 2011 How we broke the news first. All the local election results were first revealed on our twitter feed and on our website - make sure you follow us to get news before anyone else... @leamcourier @Warwick_Courier @Kenilworth_news

A WDC Tweet
To set the record straight, there were four groups tweeting about the WDC Election Results 2011: @Warwick_DC themselves, @Lesreidpolitics Coventry Telegraph, @leamcourier and @wiKenilworth. Warwick DC were excellent in they updated their website immediately. I then snipped their charts, put them in a folder and blogged them Election Results from Warwick District Council

There is no one more pleased than me to see all three Courier Newspapers using Twitter at a time when Social Media is everywhere. As I understand it, the Courier series is print first media, followed by a website when the paper sells. Their website does not allow in line links (text that links to something within a paragraph) and photos are hard to get right while there is no use of audio or video.

As we all know, the Courier and KWN newspapers are owned by Johnston Press who have been highlighted in the press last week with reports of 11% drop in advertising revenue. Note to the Courie, if you want to comment on this post - you are more than welcome.

Saturday 14 May 2011

#BBCdigjo Social Media Course from Sue Llewellyn and the BBC

Chief Inspector Kerry Blakeman on Social Media Twitter to BBC

Topics covered in this audio clip are the West Midlands ever increasing use of Social Media like Twitter. Listen out for the great example of reptile recovery.


Tuesday 10 May 2011

Kenilworth Town Council Election Results May 2011

KTC Contact list 2010
These are the election results for the Kenilworth Town Council 2011. From the Contact List in 2010, there are no Twitter accounts. Have a look at the names below, see who has been elected and let's get them all on Twitter.

I know of one person on the list who has a twitter account and it works well (unfair to name him today). Warwickshire Police are not alone in being drawn into the use of social media from now on. This is the first posting to include the Warwickshire Councillors Twitter Project #WCTP

This will include all County Councillors, District Councillors and Kenilworth Town Councillors. This comes at time when Coventry City Councillors have been banned from tweeting from the chamber and Warwickshire, once again - haven't even started. Come on Warwickshire

Abbey Ward
Michael Coker Con 1526
George Illingworth Con 1417
Kate Dickson Lib Dem 1386
Patrick Ryan Lib Dem 1339
John Cooke Con 1335
Susan McGowan Lib Dem 1241
Andy Garsed Con 1234
Rowena Hill Con 1227
(Vacant Seats 5)

Park Hill Ward
Dave Shilton Con 2036
Felicity Bunker Con 1898
Andrew Mobbs Con 1808
Shirley Shilton Con 1711
Michael Hitchins Con 1638
Mark Lewis Con 1631
Alison Tyler Lib Dem 1271
Mary Harrison Lib Dem 1228
Andrew Tulloch Lib Dem 1185
(Vacant Seats 6)

St John's Ward
Alan Cockburn Con 1712
Erica Davies Con 1677
Pauline Edwards Con 1629
Richard Davies Con 1614
John Dagg Con 1550
Norman Vincett Con 1546
Gillian Palmer Lib Dem 1167
Richard Dickson Lib Dem 1146
Ian fenwick Lib Dem 990
(Vacant Seats 6)

Slip Sliding Away - The Kenilworth Town Website - does it have a future?

Home Page of Kenilworthweb.co.uk
Everyone has been telling me something is just about to happen - they've be saying that for over a year now. First there was the promise of great things for The Official Kenilworth Town Website (16 April 2010). 

Now look what's happened...nothing. Read down the page page and we have Latest News and Events - six months out of date. Although, it's a standing joke around town - I'm note here to list how the 270 indexed pages are failing the town and it's people - but clearly they are.

I'm here to say it can get better and get better quickly. In this digital world, it takes minutes to keep this website up to date, not every six weeks and pass the buck. For the record, the www.kenilworthweb.co.uk is ranked by alexa.com at 2,352,524 and UK 107,065 where my site www.whatsinKenilworth.com is ranked 1,433,823 and UK 25,894. And yes, I know this is only one web traffic statistic, but does represent a like for like comparison. The town website was registered in January 2001, most people know whatsinKenilworth was opened in April 2010.

I have offered my help to the Kenilworth Town Council to help fix it. You all know where I am.
UPDATE (13 May): Seems the dates have changed on the front page of the site following this post..?

Monday 9 May 2011

The SMILE Conference 2011 from Chicago - watch it here on Livestream

UPDATE: DCC Gordon Scobbie keynote will be streamed live at 10.00pm UK time - tune in at ten

The Social Media in Law Enforcement Conference 2011 starts today in Chicago. Tune in from 3.25pm today (that's 9.25am in the USA). Not all sessions are Livestreamed, but this post will test the technology and share what's going on. DCC Gordon Scobbie is presenting today's Keynote address.

The Evolving Use of Social Media in UK Policing: From Zero to Hero? by Gordon Scobbie, Deputy Chief Constable, Tayside Police, Scotland. UK policing has been on a journey in terms of social media and the use of the web 2.0, from a standing start to widespread but uncoordinated use within policing.  DCC Scobbie will chart how the use of technology has challenged existing ways of working, both internally and externally, and how we might further exploit the use of technology as budgets and forces shrink in size and we need to think differently about how certain services can be delivered in the future.

And in case you are thinking, What has this got to do with Kenilworth and Warwickshire? The answer is everything. In my next post, you will hear from two senior Warwickshire Police Officers on launching the New Policing Model for Warwickshire that starts today.

Archived and ready to view:

Deputy Chief Gordon Scobbie @DCCTayside #SmileCon Chicago

Warwickshire Police New Policing Model listen again from the BBC

BBC Coventry and Warwickshire featured the New Warwickshire Policing Model 2011 on radio this morning. Here are three clips to listen again: BBC News (with Assistant Chief Constable Neil Brunton) and Shane O'Connor talking to Simon Payne (Police Federation) and Superintendent Martin McNevin.

Saturday 7 May 2011

I am the Chief Constable and if you want to go on Twitter - go on Twitter

DCC Gordon Scobbie in Chicago
We all know the Warwickshire Police Chief Constable has not said that (yet), but if it was good enough for the Prime Minister to tell the public to ignore council pen-pushers and go ahead and hold a Royal Wedding Street Party, then I am sure the same applies for a Chief Constable and Social Media.

In a week that has seen me organise Police Blogs for Deputy Chief Constable Stuart Hyde in Cumbria, Chief Inspector Kerry Blakeman in Coventry and Inspector Keith Portman in Meriden, I am all out of arguments for Warwickshire. 

NPIA Social Media Assistance
Perhaps I can let ACPO lead Gordon Scobbie and his team talk for me in their publication Engage: Digital and Social Media Engagement for the Police Service. These twenty two pages are packed with great advice and case studies. 

I am delighted to announce that the West Midlands Police Twitcam we made on 22 March 2011 is now popular with Law Enforcement in the USA thanks to Lauri Stevens (@lawscomm). This has not come at a better time as the Social Media in Law Enforcement Conference 2011 in Chicago kicks off on Monday 9 May 2011.

On that same day (9 May 2011), Warwickshire will introduce a New Policing Model. There is no mention of Social Media, Twitter or any digital technologies in the press release statement. It is said how officers will be visible and based within the community they serve (more on that later).

I have finally received an email from Oliver Winters, Chief Executive of the Warwickshire Police Authority who tells me, 'The Police Authority and Police Force are two separate entities...so issues regarding how the SNTs carry out operational activities is a matter for the Police Force rather than the Police Authority. While I know that the Police Force are aware of your communications it is for them decide how and when to respond.'

So, my next step is to contact Warwickshire Police (again), but this time asking for a statement from Neil Brunton, Assistant Chief Constable, or Operations Directorate and Superintendent Martin McNevin. Unless of course, those immortal words, I am the Chief Constable and if you want to go on Twitter - go on Twitter are whispered from the top. 

Friday 6 May 2011

Election Results from Warwick District Council

Local Election Results from WarwickDC
Results were tweeted from @Warwick_DC as they happened

Final results: Conservative (up 2 to 25) - in overall control,
Labour (down 1 to 8) Liberal Democrat, stay on 9, Independent (1) Whitnash Residents Associationn (3) (info from @Lesreidpolitics)

Kenilworth Abbey: Ann Blacklock (Lib Dem) 1,495, Michael Coker (Con) 1,589 and George Illingworth (Con) 1,479. No change here either.
Conservatives hold all three seats in Kenilworth St Johns: John Stephen Dagg 1,478, Richard Davies 1,603 and Norman Vincett 1,441.
KENILWORTH PARK HILL (3 seats) - Felicity Bunker CON (1731) Andrew Mobbs CON (1673) David Shilton CON (1885)
(Tweets are from @Warwick_DC and @leamcourier)

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