Saturday 16 March 2013

How to Subscribe to a YouTube Channel with email Alerts for each Upload - It's easy once you know how by Mike Downes

Maria Quiban from Mommy Loves Tech

Every YouTube Creator litters each video with a Subscription button while giving verbal messages every few seconds.

But, what's the point if to subscribe has little meaning unless email with new uploads is checked?  

Friday 15 March 2013

UK Police Forces on Social Media - March 2013 Survey Anyone can become their own Media Company

Photo Credit WMP Papal Visit
Here's the third in the series of UK Police on Social Media. As usual, we have the Google Docs Data Set. I make no excuses, it's starting to look a tad messy, that's why I produces a few charts and talk you through them.

All the data is gather by me clicking through and copy, pasting the numbers. It helps me make sense and look for the patterns. Having APIs gathering data is fine, but the more statistics, the less you read.

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