Wednesday 5 June 2013

The New Youtube One Channel by Andrew Stinger, Video and Slides

Slide 4 from the video
Edit: This post was made 1 April 2013, but takes effect worldwide today 5 June 2013.

A few days ago, +Andrew Stinger gave a talk LIVE at Youtube on the new One Channel.

I would mark this as essential viewing for everyone. And by that, I mean watch all 58 mins, do not skip, do not think you know it - because you don't.

It's very rare for a development like this. I have two and a half pages of scribbled notes.

As a teacher, it's not what I do to give you the crib sheet. I have screen capped 24 slides and placed them below, along with the video. I may add some more text here (like my notes) when I have them deciphered.

Links: YouTube's One Channel blog post, Creator Playbook (website) and Channel Optimization (page).

YouTube One Channel Design Migration Document

Channels mentioned: Capital One .. Dior .. Intel .. Walkers Crisps .. Fiat UK ..

There are 24 slides you can view in this photo album link.

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