Tuesday 3 February 2015

The Google Earth Pro Resource Page for Movie Makers

On 30 jan 2015, Google Earth made the Pro version free to all.

This post will be a collection of resources for those people who wish to make the most of using the Movie Maker tool.

Of course Google themselves and the brilliant people who are on the team, have many resources already. I will include those links and sites.

To get good at anything, we all need to practice, so in that spirit - here's an idea, an aerial tour of a road. The idea here, make something that's timeless.

The M6 Motorway Catthorpe to Coventry UK junctions 1 to 3 Let's take an aerial tour of the M6. In the first installment, we'll be joining the M6 at Catthorpe (J19 of the M1), then on to Coventry. This is a distance of 13 miles (map below).


Now Google Earth Pro is free for all, there are tremendous opportunities to create HD Movies using this technique. My aim here, to learn myself, make something of value. One addition I 've not used, Live Traffic..

I'm sure as I work along the M6, each video will be different. After all, the M6 is 232 miles long, so that's eighteen videos. wiki/M6 Motorway | There are so many ways a video like this could be used: journey planning, keeping the kids busy en route, road safety education and of course fun.

Please provide feedback as this is all a work in progress.
http://www.google.co.uk/earth/ and the brilliant team at http://www.google.com/get/mediatools ..https://plus.google.com/+GoogleforMedia

cc +Google for Media +Adam Hecht +Nicholas Whitaker  & +Vanessa Schneider thank you.. 

The Route as a Map

The posts collected from google+:

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