Saturday 17 October 2015

PC Alan Conran Essex Police UK Twitter Album @PCAlanConran

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This is a theory post. It will show how making a public google photo album will make thirty eight images and two videos show up in a Google Search.

Of course they are not the same image URLs on twitter - they are a copy stored on Google.

The relationship between Twitter and Google has always been strange one. Tweets have never really been indexed and images are very hit and miss.

In this case, we have a new twitter account as @PcAlanConran with lots of images and a few videos. If someone googled him, not much would show up - that's a real shame, so this post will put it right.

When we Googled , ''PC Alan Conran Essex Police UK'' we saw very little apart from the main twitter bio photo.

With permission, I've made a 60 second video and to do that, I used sixty images and two videos (from the twitter account).

YouTube videos show up on google really fast - in near realtime, see the slide on the right.

I've now made a public google photos album called: PC Alan Conran Essex Police UK Twitter Album @PcAlanConran.

On posting publicly at google plus, I opened up an Incognito Chrome tab, entered some search text, same as before and we have the post indexing immediately.

For the remainder of the post, I will embed the youtube video and post all the photos, let google do the rest and come back to edit should I need to.

edit 5pm Sun 18 Oct

And look, delighted to say 22 hours later the images are starting to google index.

I will check again in 24 hours, only 9 of 60 images indexed so far ..

The Photo Album


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