Thursday 16 June 2016

West Midlands Police Dogs Live Video to facebook Episode Three

On Wednesday 15 June 2016, Episode Three was aired and hosted at the West Midlands Police dog training centre at Balsall Common with Supt Kerry Blakeman.

There were seven videos and here they are all in one place for easy viewing.

If you are interested in the breed program, please email

You can watch previous Episodes ..

Firearms - 27 April 2016

Out on Patrol - 9 March 2016

Part 1 - Meet the Pups

Part 2 - Puppy Walkers

Part 3 - Meet the Sprockers

Part 4 - Your Questions

Part 5 - Our Awards Winners

Part 6 - Dutch Herder Bart (more info WMP news post)

Part 7 - Mr Angry vs Police Dog Echo

Trailer and Information ..

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